I'm still here

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Good time passed between both of them and Rowan finally spoke up " hey A.N?"
" I just realized how weird the name we gave you is A.N"
Virgil setup
" then why do you call me that and better yet how did you even come up with that name?"
" I have honestly no idea.... But what is your name?"

Virgil looked away and muttered
Roman just stared at him Virgil looked away flustered
" yeah I know it's a weird and ridiculous name"
Roman smiled
" what do you mean I think it's a beautiful name"

Virgil just started Roman in shock it was the first time anyone has ever liked his name and said it was beautiful except for his mom

Virgil realized he was staring at Roman
"N- nothing..... It's just you and her were the only ones who ever said it was a beautiful name"


"Yeah...You and....my...mum"

"Your mom?"

" was she..... The one you visited... And the graveyard???"


Roman stare at Virgil concerned

" what happened to her?"

The word were soft

Virgil took a breath and explained

" when I was 13 I woke up in the middle of the night to hear screaming I ran to the hallway and Puritan to the living room my" Virgil choked "my dad was stabbing my mom" his voice quivered
Virgil laid his head on Romans chest

" oh Virgil I'm-"
" it's okay it was a long time ago"
"..................... she was beautiful"
Roman said remembering the picture he saw

" yeah she really was"
Virgil said smiling remembering her

" what was she?"

" she was sweet and kind..... She couldn't stand anyone getting hurt sometimes we went out and fed the strays She always told me stories when I had nightmares her stories were amazing I can still remember the story she told me when I asked her about the moon every word every piece"
Virgil smiled remembering the story

" do you think you can tell me the story?"
" are you sure?. The the story is pretty long."
" yeah I want to hear it"
Roman said smiling as Virgil buried his face into Romans chest

"Ok........ a long time ago in the spirit Realm a beautiful women with light purple hair appeared everything was great and she was the only one with color she looks exactly like us except with lighter purple hair green eyes freckles and white freckles as the Stars she traveled and everywhere she went she brought the color and she finally found her love one day years went by as she spread light around to the gray world a war broke out and she thought and she won and she came the queen years pass by and she knew her job was over she kissed her love goodbye and went to the balcony... She stood on the railings and looked at the Pale Moon her love ran out and laid her eyes upon the woman with purple hair is the queen smiled at her love as her colors faded and were blown away by the wind taking her with it her light faded it to the Moon and now it's shines at midnight at a full moon she will kiss her love for her mission is over and is she returned to the Moon"

Virgil buried his face into romance chest
" wow she was really good at making stories"

I am sorry guys but I got writer's block like a bich right now and this is all I got and it's 1:12 a.m. in the morning I kind of started reading fanfic at 6 and then when I looked at my phone it was 12 so I will try my hardest to come up with longer chapters and may or may not start posting every other day just to make them longer anyway that's probably not going to happen but just saying and there's no way I'm going to quit on the series before I finish it so you don't have to worry about that anyway bye guys

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