Adrian POV


I woke up around 1pm and took a quick shower. I put on a pair of sweatpants and a graphic tee. I put my hair up in a messy bun. I went into the living room but saw it empty. I went to Alexa's room and saw her sleeping. I went back and made some breakfast tacos of Ham and egg, Bacon and egg. I ate and went to the living room and watched Netflix on the the t.v and watched white collar. damn , Matt bomer is a total sexy god I thought to myself. Around 5 Alexa woke up and her eyes were red. "so how about we go out tonight" I asked just for her sake. "yes! absolutely, I'll eat then we can get ready" "OK"

After Alexa finished eating I got dressed. The dress was black and went mid thigh. It had sort of like shreds or tears in the side and on the arm. My hair was down in waves and wore black pumps. I finished getting dress and I see Alexa wearing a black short dress with a gap on her chest(don't know how to described the dress). She wore strappy heels and her hair wavy too. She saw me and said "damn we look fucking sexy " I laughed and agreed with her. We drove to the club called Tonix 21 and since Alexa's cousin from his mom side but is adopted is a guard in the front let us go in.

Tonix is a mostly werewolf club but humans like me and Jared(Alexa cousin) and a few more usually come here. As as we came in the music was really loud beating in our ears. "come on let's get shots" Alexa said and I followed to the bar. I knew I had to drink a little since I was driving and Alexa just wanted to get wasted to forget the pain her mate caused her. Soon Lex and I decided to hit the dancefloor and soon our hips swayed side to side, following the rhythm of the beat. A cute werewolf came and danced with Lex so I went to the bar again.

I was drinking water to get me a bit more sober and I knew I was gonna get a hangover not as bad as Lex. Walking to the bar I almost fell but 2 strong arms caught me from falling. I felt tingles and I looked up at my saviour and I see the most sexiest man ever. He had the prettiest blue eyes and he was buff and muscle-ly. I faintly saw his lips move to make the word 'mate'.

I'm good at reading lips but maybe since I can't see in this light I didn't read right. "Thanks for saving me from that fall " he smiles at me as and says "no problem beautiful " I blush at his comment and look away. I notice he still has his arms around my waist so I moved away from him, feeling cold without his touch. "Thanks again and I'm Adrian by the way" "like I said cupcake, no problem and I'm Kaden" and we shake hands and I feel the tingles again. I shivered from his touch.

not even 5 min I've been talking with Kaden when Alexa comes to my side slurring "we need to leave,my mate is here and pissed off I was grinding with Alexander" I sigh "OK let's go" I get up from the stool ands wave goodbye to Kaden. Before he could ask me anything I turned around and left. We left and I drove and helped Alexa inside the house since we was a bit more than tipsy but not drunk since it takes a while for wolves to get drunk. "Omg I can't belive he got pissed Alexander was dancing with me. My mate is a damn jerk, he doesn't want me but gets possesive" Alexa said and scoffed. I agreed and said I was sleepy so I went to my room and changed into my pajamas and laid down. I was sleepy but not tired, all I kept thinking about kaden. Soon I couldn't get my eyes to be open and that when they closed and I was asleep.


sorry if a short chapter but the pic on the side is Alexa

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