Chapter 24; Trouble In Paradise

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Recap; When the ceremony ended the principal made one last announcement. He congratulated the students and allowed them to toss their caps up. In unison, all the students threw their caps and cheered. They have officially graduated. Olivia quickly ran to her mother and Michael and hugged them . . .

~One Month Later~

       Olivia slowly began to wake up and roll over in her bed. She reached over for Michael until she realized she was in her room. Her mother was back home now and they were unsure of how to tell her about their relationship. She threw the covers off of her and got up. She walked over to her closet door where her robe was on a hanger. She put it on and made her way down the hall. She peeked into her mothers room and smiled. Her mother was still asleep and looked the most comfortable she'd ever been in days. After checking on her mother she made her way downstairs and into the kitchen. She grabbed a banana to eat and noticed a sticky note on the table.

"Meet me in the back, beautiful

       She smiled to herself, finished the banana, rushed to the bathroom to freshen up and made her way outside to the back. Where she expected to find Michael, she saw another sticky note.

"Just kidding, I'm down in the music room"

       She grabbed the note along with a dozen red roses. She began to blush and make her way back to the house and into the basement music area. "Michael?" She called out. There was no reply. She walked deeper into the room to find a cd and another sticky note.

"You've only heard a few songs I wrote for you... so on this cd, theres a few more ♡ come to my room."

       Still smirking, she shook her head and grabbed the cd. She made her way back upstairs and into Michael's room. She felt a bit nervous. All these romantic gestures, was he about to seduce her?

      She walked in and saw rose petals forming a trail to the bathroom. On the sink there was a small gift basket filled with makeup and perfume. She smiled and read another sticky note that was attached,

"I remember how you looked at these items when we were at the mall, now you own them. I have one more surprise for you. Stop in your room, set down your new things, check your closet and meet me outside to get it. I'll be in the front."

       She hurried back to her room, set her things on her bed and rushed to her closet. Her jaw dropped when she saw the dress hanging right in front. It was a semi fancy body con red sequin dress. Located on the floor next to the dress was a pair of 5 inch red heels. On the counter was a black purse and diamond earrings.
       Olivia quickly changed and applied a light layer of makeup and perfume using all her new gifts. Once she finished she rushed down stairs and out to the front where she finally saw Michael who was dressed in an all black suit. She found him to be extremely handsome. However it was hard for her to focus on him alone when he was standing next to a bright pink car. "What's this?" She asked. He smiled and walked closer to her. He handed her the keys, kissed her on her forehead and pulled back to look into her eyes. "It's your new car, my love." He responded. She smiled, "Michael, I couldn't..." She began. "I'm not taking it back, it's yours." He said. "By the way, you look beautiful." He added. Her heart melted. "Now, would you like to drive your new car to our destination, or do you want me to drive mine?" He asked. She smiled and got into the driver seat of her new car. He chuckled and got into the passenger side. "Where are we going?" She asked. "Don't worry, I'll guide you. I have an amazing day planned for us today." He responded. With that, Olivia pulled out of the driveway and Michael directed her to their destination.

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