The Email

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*Izuku's POV* (Present)

The blinding white spotlights and hundreds of eyes are on me. Staring, judging, murdering my self-esteem and bringing back the most embarrassing moments to the forefront of my mind.

You may be wondering how I got in this situation, for that we have to go back to two weeks ago.

*Third Person POV* (Two weeks prier)

Izuku Midoriya had just made it home to the sanctity of his dorm after another long day of Hero Training! and was currently relaxing on his bed, analyzing the newest Villain attack; when he got an email from All Might addressed to the whole of U.A. The email wrote:

Subject: U.A. Baking Competition!!!

U.A. High is holding a Baking Competition!!

Anyone can apply! Any treat will be accepted! Anyone can win!

Criteria - Flavors, Smell and Decoration

Applications due on April 20 starting from 9:00 am and the cut off being 7:30 pm. Please place your entries in the Teacher's Lounge with your full name and class under the plate. NO early or late entries will be accepted.

Best of Luck and PLUS ULTRA!!!

- All Might.

*End of Email*

A Baking Competition? That sounds awesome!!!

but...I'd totally get teased if I entered. And don't need any more of that.


I open my messages to find a bunch text from my mother.

Mama Bear: I just got the email from All Might!!

Mama Bear: I can't wait to see what you make!!!

Mama Bear: I just know it will be amazing!!!

Mama Bear: Good Luck!! Love you!

I start to form a message to send back, but give up half way through. I can't upset my mum! 

Guess I'm doing this now.


And so it begins!! Hope you guys like the story so far. Bye for now 


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