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Keith's POV:

2days ago lance went home. It's lonely without his annoying, handsome self next to me. He had to go home since his parents came back from a road trip. He didn't want to go , but his mom made him... I wonder what it's like to have a ... never mind.

My phone was almost dead , I had been using it all day. The gym , dance studio ;saw lance there, galacticbucks , again at the gym , and then at home ; FaceTiming  lance. His brother wound up coming in and made fun of him , it was funny.

Anyways , lance and I and the other paliens are going to meet up tomorrow for a meeting , today at the gym , lance and I worked so hard , so hard to where when I sat down I felt as if I haven't sat in millions of millions of years.

Bing bing bing

"Lance texted?"

What time do you want to meet up to dance 💃🏻  I was thinking after coffee?💙

Yea sure , do you want to meet at the bus stop or do you want me to pick you up?

Yeah sure , I'm good with that , plus we can do things later😉😘

Fuck yeah ❤️

Alright cutie


Lance POV

I couldn't get Keith out of my head . My mom was kinda angry I stayed away for so long , and wasn't home as much as I used to be.

"Lance you up?"
My older sister, what could she want?

"Yeah V wassup?" I said through the closed door that was opening. V walked in , my older brother shortly following.

"Lance can we talk with you?" My older brother said closing the door , quietly so that he doesn't wake up the younger kids.

"Yeah sure." I sat up leaving room for them to sit on my bed. I put my phone down.

"Lance where have you been all week?" My older brother said. He was wearing black sweats and his hair was tied up in a large bun on his head. He had realllly long hair , his lip and eyebrow was pierced , mom and dad accepted it since he did it after he turned 18 , now he's 23 with one kid and a wife.

On the other hand V had short hair and was wearing her glasses , she had black and white basketball shorts on and he boyfriends baggy tee shirt on.

"I've been with this guy all week.." their eyes widened, bet they weren't expecting that.

"Like Shiro , Hunk , Matt , who?" My siblings were very familiar with my friends, sometimes they came over for dinner , a lot of the time they would pick me up.

"N-No none of them. Someone I like very much actually... more than a friend." I said pulling out my phone and trying to ding Keith's Instagram , then I found a great picture:

" I said pulling out my phone and trying to ding Keith's Instagram , then I found a great picture:

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