Waking up

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I feel raindrops fall on my face which wakes me up. I get up to fast and my head starts to spin. "Hello" I hear a voice say happily. I turn to my left and see a boy eating a granola bar. "Heyyy, you" I said trying hard to remember who the boy is, come to think of it I don't know who I am either. "Do you know who I am, and can you tell me who you are also." I say giving him a small smile, I don't know why but I feel so comfortable around him, like I'm supposed to help him. "I'm Jalen and your Ricky by the looks of our resemblance we're brothers or something." I stand up and look around looking to try and determine where I am and how I got here. There is a shore about 20 feet away from us.

I look at my clothing and read the note sewn into my white tee shirt it says.

Subject name - Ricky Torres, purple

Age - 14

Siblings - Jalen Torres

Abilities given - telekinesis,mental walls

"Wow I didn't even see that, I have one too." Jalen said looking down at his red tee shirt.

Subject name - Jalen Torres, blue

Age - 15

Siblings - Ricky Torres

Abilities given - intangibility, hydrokenesis,cryokenesis

"What is all this crap about abilities" I say finally standing on the sand and brushing my black jeans off. "I don't know but I kind of like the sound of me being able to freeze things like a super hero" Jalen said standing in a fake super hero pose. I couldn't help but to laugh at how ridiculous he looked running out to the water. "Uhhm Ricky I don't think this tag is a joke" Jalen says from by the water.

I walk to the water to see what he means but I can't form words when I see that the water is frozen solid for a bout 20yards. "How did you do that" I ask tapping the ice to make sure its real. "I think it has something to do with this tag, cryokenesis is another word for ice manipulation, it says I also have hydrokenesis which by the sound of the name sounds like water control, I wonder...." Jalen said lifting his hand back out to the ice which had turned back into water. He slowly lifted both his hands and the water started to rise also. "So you can control water and ice" I ask feeling a little bit jealous that I didnt have any powers. "Ya I think I have three but I dont know what intangibility is" he said walking towards town. "Where are we going" I ask running to catch up with him. "to get something to eat,Im starving" Jalen says walking into a coffee shop.

We walk in and sit at a corner table "wait isnt telekinesis that power to move stuff with your mind" I say remembering some words I heard while asleep in the lab. "here are town cups of coffee on the house" a blonde girl with hazel eyes said blushing while staring at Jalen. "Thank you kindly darlen" he says on a fake texas accent. The girl blushed harder then turned away walking to the counter and picking up empty plates. "try your powers" Jalen says flashing a devious smile. "What,why" I say realizing that I sound kind of panicked. "just do it, make a chair fall" Jalen says pointing to a chair on top of the table. I look at the and twitch my first to fingers trying to be discreet and the whole table flys to the wall breaking.

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