Chapter 2: Return to Hogwarts

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        Tessa wondered if she was experiencing auditory hallucinations, she sure as hell hoped that's what it was.  But as she looked into Sirius's eyes she knew he had meant what he said.  "Wait just a minute, you just said you not guilty of murdering dozens of innocents but now you want to murder someone?" she started to pace, "Makes total sense, why didn't I think of that?"

"I have to avenge them.  I can't let Peter get away with that he's done." Sirius said darkly.  

Tessa gave him a hard look, "So you'll become a murderer?  Are you really willing to cross that line?  Because there's no coming back from that, whether it was for a good reason or not it will haunt you forever." she whispered causing Sirius to look up at her and frown. 

"Have you.....?" he trailed off afraid of the answer.  Sirius never thought she would actually....

"No," she said shaking her head hastily, "not me." she added in after thought.

Sirius sighed in relief before realizing what she meant.  Tessa had never killed a man but someone did.  "Regulus?" he asked unsurprised.  He knew his little brother had been drawn into the Deatheater lifestyle.  All for the sake of his so called 'purity'.  Purity that was acquired through cousins marrying cousins and generations of hatred and violence.

"Don't-Don't say it like that.  You have no rig-"

"I know," he sneered, "I have no right because I left.  Well excuse me for hating the whole 'Tojours Pur' mantra!"

Tessa shook her head again, "You don't get it.  And you never will.  Nevermind just-just tell me what you're planning."

     "So we're going to break in to Hogwarts?  The most secure building in Britain?  So it's a suicide mission?  Greeeeat!" she said sarcastically.  "There's no way we're getting in there undetected."  Sirius opened his mouth and held up a finger making Tessa gasp in horror.  "OH.  MY.  GOD.  You've already broken in haven't you?!  Are you insan-how did you even get in?"

"Well there's about seven secret passages in and out of the school.  And I've been using my animagus form to get onto castle grounds.  Speaking of which how did you know that I was the dog in the first place?" he asked looking at her curiously.

"I've known about that for a long time."

"What do you mea-"

"It doesn't matter, just how are we going to get Peter out of the castle?"

"I've already scared him out of it.  I took a little trip up to the Gryffindor dorms and it seemed to spook him enough to go in hiding."

"What did you do in the dorms?" Sirius stayed silent, "Sirius?"

"Nothing don't worry about it."

Tessa shook her head incessantly vowing to go back to the topic later on, "Where?"

"Where what?"

"Where is the rat hiding?"


Tessa sighed, "Well I suppose that's a damn sight better than Hogwarts itself." Sirius started to smile so Tessa spat, "But I still think you're a bleeding idiot."

Sirius clutched a hand to his chest mockingly, "You wound me Sister."

"Alright dog boy let's get this over with."

       Sirius quickly told her the plan between bites of turkey sandwiches.  After finishing his sandwich he stood up brushing some of the crumbs off and eating the others.  Tessa raised her eyebrows, "I've been in prison for eleven years, table manners weren't high on my list of priorities."

"I can see that."

"So how are you disguising yourself?"  he asked and Tessa shrugged and with a twitch of her wand she felt herself growing smaller.  It had been awhile and every bone in her body popped in a pleasant way.  Sirius jumped in surprise, "Merlin!  Wait you're an animagus too?"  If she had had shoulders she would have shrugged, "A snake?  Fitting." he said bitterly.  She hissed at him and snapped playfully at his ankles making him jump back.  She chortled in a snakey way and watched as he morphed into a shaggy flea ridden black dog. 

      They meet up with an ugly orange cat Sirius called Crookshanks.  The cat seemed to know that Sirius and Tessa weren't a snake and a dog as he led them to the Whomping Willow.  Tessa looked over curiously as the cat streaked forward and  put his paw on a knot in the tree's base.  Instantly the swinging limbs froze and Sirius trotted forward and crawled through a tunnel Tessa hadn't known existed.  She followed suit and was astounded to see that they came up in an old shack.  "How long have you known this was here?  Where are we anyways?" she asked him.

"The Shrieking Shack, and I've known about it since second year.  Anyways, you stay here until I've got Pettigrew, he might try and run away so I'll need you to cast a charm around the place letting no one out."

"Got it." he turned to leave and she caught his arm.  Not looking at him she swallowed hard and said, "Be safe, and don't be an idiot."  They were still very much in danger since she was aiding and abetting a wanted fugitive and he was about to commit murder.  

"Aww you're worried about me?"

"Piss off." he left and she heard his laugh echo all the way down the hall.  she looked around the room and frowned.  Dust covered everything in sight but more than that all the furniture looked chewed on?  Shaking her head Tessa walked around the room with her wand out, it took her a moment to remember the spell but once she did she began to murmur.  She could feel the magic surround the room almost like a bubble.  After she was done she dispelled some of the dust on the old bed.  She sat down on it as Crookshanks jumped up next to her, "Well I guess now we wait hmmm?" she said to him as she stroked his back causing him to purr loudly.

          Not too much later Tessa jumped up at the sound of Sirius, however there was an unfamilliar voice crying out in agony and horror.  Sirius in dog form came in dragging a terrified redhead.  "What is wrong with you?" she asked.

The boy thinking she was talking to him paled, "What's wrong with me?" he squeaked in confusion.

"Oh no, er I'm not talking to you." Tessa replied looking past him to where Sirius stood.  The redheaded boy turned and screamed trying unsuccessfully to scoot away.

"What do you mean?" Sirius asked completely disregarding the boy.

"Um you just brought an innocent boy in here, he's probably traumatized!" she said crossly leaning down to inspect the boy's leg.  "I'm so sorry about him, are you alright?  I'd fix you up but I'm a bit rusty and I'm afraid I might do more harm than good."  When the boy didn't respond Tessa glared up at Sirius.  "Now look what you've done!  I think you broke his leg and scared him so much he can't even talk!"

"Well I had to!  Look!" Sirius nodded and Tessa turned to see the boy cradling a very ill and nearly hairless rat in his hands.

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