Fifty-One - Linkin

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I didn't even remember getting into bed but was content feeling something supporting my neck. I rolled over to face the sunlight and groaned as my body stopped moving and gave into the ache that I felt everywhere.

Lifting my heavy eyes, I reached a hand out and smiled faintly as it raised and lowered with Thierry's chest. That must have been how I got to bed and he decided to join. I'd scold him for that for later, but at the moment I was enjoying feeling the faint bit of warmth through his shirt as I lifted my head and turned it from side to side, trying to work the kink out of it.

"Thierry!" I was suddenly screaming, hitting him in the chest as I bolted up straight.

The man slept like a rock, but my scream had him awake and standing before I could even blink. A gun seemed to materialize in his hand as he scanned the room in panic, his eyes stopping only when he saw my beaming face. "Linkin!" He was yelling, "What the devil? Woman, are you trying to give me a heart attack? What the fuck is wrong?"

"I hurt!" I said excitedly.

Shaking his head, his tired mind was slow to clue in as he placed the gun back on the bedside table and sat beside me. "Are you alright? Where?" He sounded a bit nervous, confused by my smile.

Raising my hands above my head, I moved back enough for there to be a good amount of distance between us. "No, Thierry, I hurt." I repeated myself, glancing at the space between us then back at him, "I know I hurt. My neck is killing me." I was never happier in my life to have a cramp.

Thierry's expression changed slowly from confused to joy, "Oh my gosh..." He said slowly before tackling me into the king-sized bed as he started to laugh. "You hurt!" He celebrated, littering my face and neck with soft kisses.

Laying under the giant man, I grinned as he gently ran my fingers through his hair. It was strange, as I closed my eyes I could feel the heat of his breath on my skin, I could feel the weight of his body on mine, but I was still numb to the scratchiness of his beard and the softness of his lips.

Thierry and I stayed like that for a while, embraced and celebrating in our own way. As I laid on top of him with my eyes closed, our clothes still separated us after we quickly found out that my touch would still hurt him. He didn't let that or the dullness of it ruin the mood. "I'm going to make you breakfast. Pancakes with strawberry jam and whipped cream?"

I grinned and squirmed on top of him to bit my lip and looked down at him.

"Freshly squeezed orange juice?" he continued to suggest. "And not burnt toast," he teased me with the last part, his hand on my side as I grinned and nodded.

"You know how to spoil me, don't you? What are you going to do when I get all my feeling back?" I asked with a laugh, shaking my head. Thierry's look said it all; the wink just made my cheeks go red and laugh as I hit him in the chest, "You're awful!"

Thierry grinned proudly and kissed me again, slowly sliding my body off of his as he stood up ."I'll bring you breakfast in bed. Just relax?"

"You don't have to tell me twice," I smiled as I moved so I was resting against the pillows again, my hand on my neck. "After that, think you can figure out to loosen this knot?"

We both laugh as he headed for the door and opened it, "Of course b-" he was cut off as he opened the door and Ira was standing outside, her hand raised as if she was going to knock on the door.

Ira was still in her PJs and as I watched Thierry examine her, a hint of jealousy ran through me. "You know some of us are trying to sleep, right?" she grumbled as she rubbed her sleep-filled eyes.

My cheeks grew warmer as I looked down, but Thierry leaned against the doorway not caring what thoughts were currently going through Ira's mind. "Sorry there, Eagle, but we're celebrating." His insinuation made me want to curl up and hide under the blankets. "Linkin's neck hurts."

Ira looked disgusted as she shook her head, stepping back. "I don't want to know what weird sex thing you got up to last night. Just shut up."

Thierry gave a belly laugh, rolling his eyes. "Trust me, if we got up to some weird sex stuff, this wouldn't be the first time you were knocking on our door."

"Thierry!" I finally snapped at him.

He simply shrugged. "But no, Linkin could feel that her neck hurts without me touching her. She's got feeling back, Ira."

Ira's eyes flickered to me, wide in shock. "You..." She started off slowly before smiling and nodding, "I'm happy for you. Did you tell Stuart yet? I am sure he'll want to run more tests on you. He's in the shower right now." I didn't question why she knew that.

My news seemed to wake her up completely. It warmed my heart a little knowing that she actually cared enough to be happy for me. After everything which happened between us, it was nice to know there wasn't any bad blood. Thierry looked back at me with a raised eyebrow and sighed. "Fine, why don't you get dressed and I'll cook for everyone I guess?" He offered.

"Thank you," I smiled at him, swinging my legs around the bed. Thierry just nodded, slightly disappointed before turning to Ira. They were talking about a poker game as he shut the door and I took a moment for myself. I ran my hands over the blankets and felt nothing. They looked like silk and I couldn't even tell I touched them. I slowly eased my way down and the second my feet touched the hardwood floors, I was smiling again. They were cold and I could feel the pressure of my feet on the ground. I let out a long breath and closed my eyes. I felt like I was about to cry, I never realized how much I missed having cold feet.

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