Wonderous Souls (DukeSaw)

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Finally! An actual Dukesaw Story! Yay! I hope you enjoy! Also, what's your favorite ship? Leave your answers in the comments below!

(Soulmate AU!)

Veronica's POV

Soulmates have always crossed people's minds, whether it's them meeting their soulmates or kissing them. It doesn't matter that much to me anyways. Surely encountering them would be nice, but the world wants you to work to death and have no time for a family. Believe me when I say this: I want a family of my own. Really, I do. It's hard to even achieve that goal.

I'm not going to lie, I'm envious that Martha has not one, but two soulmates, Kurt and Ram. It's a rare occurrence for a person to have two.

I started to disbelieve that I would have a soulmate at all. However, it's stated that each person has a soulmate, no matter what the cost. So, I'm bound to find the perfect one for me! When they do come around, I'm going to be the best wife a person could ever want. I'd stay at home and do the work around the house, I'd cook, I'd fuck them senseless until they pass out, and I'd be their small spoon. I wish to fulfill these promises.

You're probably tired of this stupid shit, so let's move onto my experiences at school. So, school's annoying, and nothing much happens here except the lovey-dovey couples lingering around the school campus. I wish mine would appear already! I know mine's a girl because I've had a deep attraction to them for almost my entire life.

The bell rang, but I must go to the ladies' room, to freshen up. My luck is like a used dirty rag, worn-out, dry, and useless. What I encountered were two beautiful young women, there would be three of them total, one of them is gone today. There's Heather Chandler, she is a mythic bitch. Then, Heather Duke, she has no discernable personality, but damn is she sexy!

Woah, back-up a minute here, did I just call Heather Duke sexy? Yes, yes, I did! Something appeared different this time for me. My whole perspective of the Heathers has completely changed. Why you ask? It's because Heather Duke is my soulmate. How could I tell? A dark green aura formed around her body as if it's giving her strength. I could feel this power rushing through her veins; she undoubtedly senses my presence as her vomiting ceases.

Ms. Flemming was scolding the Heathers because they were late to class.

"I'm trying to help Heather, she hasn't found her soulmate, and it's tearing her apart! Please let me help her!" Heather Chandler scoffed

"Not without a hall pass you're not!" Ms. Flemming cockily smirked

Oh! I must save her, she needs my help! I quickly reached into my small book bag to find an empty hall pass and started to forge a teacher's signature. I approached Ms. Flemming, giving her the forged hall pass.

"Umm, actually, we're out on a hall pass... yearbook committee." I grinned half-heartedly

"I see you're all listed, hurry up and get where you're going!"

"This is an excellent forgery, who are you?" Chandler sneered

"V-Veronica S-Sawyer!"

"A beautiful name for a beautiful soulmate! I like it!" Duke said as she exited the stall

Heather Duke prowled her way towards me. She appeared to be studying me; learning my features. I saw her eyes look at my thighs, then to my chest, and finally into my eyes. Duke speed-walked to my position and grasped my ass while suckling on my neck. Her emerald-green eyes shot through my chocolate brown ones.

"Mine!" she hissed seductively, "You belong to me, and me alone, is that understood?"

"Y-yes!" I mumbled

She let go of me and beckoned the other Heathers to follow her, she seemed panicked. I wanted to follow, but I'll let them be.

Heather Duke's POV

So, apparently, I have located my mate and damn she looks cute! I don't deserve her, she's too perfect for me! Believe me, I don't know why I pinned her against the wall and proclaimed her as mine. It was primal instinct, I guess. Anyways, I need to talk with the other Heathers about this, I don't want to screw this up! This is my only shot at genuinely being happy!

I've got to admit though, she has some beautiful curves to her body, a nice firm ass, a thin figure, cute brown eyes, and soft brunette hair. Also, I got a great look at her soft pink lips, I think they're begging for my lips to collide with hers. I'll wait for just the right moment to kiss her, and it'll be the best kiss she'll ever get!

"Mac! Where have you been?" Chandler snapped, demanding an immediate answer.



"They finally caught me touching myself!"

"Wow!" Chandler barked with a slight blush on her face

Now, I want to touch Veronica in her all places! Speaking of Veronica, where is she? I'm not leaving school until she's my little servant. A witch must have a servant alongside her!

AuthorGabe: She meant 'bitch!'

Veronica's POV

"Then, I discovered that Heather Duke is my soulmate!" I finally finished my story to Martha

"Awn, that's so cute! I ship it, Ronnie!" Martha chirped

"Thank you! I think soon, I'll be in her green Jeep, going to her house, and living there forever!"

Heather Duke's footsteps thundered through the halls, from what everyone could tell; she's pissed and impatient. Her whole mood screams 'Alpha!' She's now hot and bothered, which means she wants a romantic refill. How can I tell? It's because she bolted to me and smashed her lips with mine.

She's an excellent kisser, her plump lips, taunting emerald eyes, and seductive moans say it all. Heather Duke is madly in love with me.

(Note: this is a prequel to a previous one-shot!)

I hope you enjoyed!



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