[Halloween] Grief Terminator

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Billie's skin was rusted iron. Her heart creaking gears in desperate need of oil.

But not the kind of oil that stained her palms, and coated the joints of the tin man in front of her.

The tin man futilely attempted to touch her and hold her, but she shifted away. The tin man wasn't Chi; it wasn't her husband gone.

"Do you not love me?" The tin man asked.

"No. I don't."

"Then why did you create me," it attempted to hold her again, "and programme me to make you happy?"

But she took another step back. "It was a mistake."

She walked over to the garage door and took a last glance at her tin man. Humanoid in every aspect, except it wasn't real. It wasn't true. Everything it did was because it was programmed to. It couldn't think on its own. Therefore, its love wasn't real.

"I'm sorry." And with that she shut the door, leaving only its red glowing eyes in the dark.

"Billie is not happy. And I cannot make her happy. She misses Chi. Only Chi can make her happy."

Piecing together facts till logic led to a undeniable truth. That's what tin men were good for. That was what Tin Man was good for.

"If Billie is with Chi she will be happy."

Tin Man's gears twisted and locked. He had a mission. A purpose. If there ever was a tool to measure melancholic happiness, it would tell you that Tin Man had reached maximum capacity. He loved Billie, wanted to be with her, but he had to make her happy. And by logic, he was going to keep the promise of his programming.

The king sized bed was far too big for her to sleep in alone, but anywhere else would've made her cry. Billie hugged an old pillow in desperate need of a wash. It still smelled like him.

Chi would've laughed at her creation. The tin man. Was she so desperate, so lonely that she created an inanimate object to love her? She would get rid of it tomorrow. That was a promise.

She turned off the night lamp, and nuzzled into the pillow, praying for one night without nightmares.

But a few moments later she was awakened by sounds of gears moving. Faint at first, but gradually getting louder. Now she was sure it was coming down the hallway to her room.

Whatever it was, it stopped in front of her door.

"Billie. I'm here to make you happy."

The tin man! Billie stretched to the night lamp, but her shaking hand couldn't find the switch.

"Go back to the garage. I don't need you to make me happy."

"Billie. I would never break my programming."

The door knob turned and Billie desperately fought to find the switch.

"Go back to the garage!" A hoarse whisper, instead of a loud command.

"Billie. I'm going to make you happy."

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