He nods. He takes a deep breath in, steadying himself for something. Crap... does he agree with the two girls? Have they collectively lost their shit today?

"I don't know. Maybe my brain is fried. But could it actually work? I mean, maybe she just needs a little help?"

I can't believe what I am hearing. He wants to shock her? His sister?

Aida shivers a little on my lap. I shake my head at him.


I put my arms around her and grip them at her front. What do I do? I don't even know how to process this.

"Jemma, tell me exactly what happens. The whole process from start to finish. Before we agree to anything as mental as this , I need all the info."

Aida turns to face me and plants a small chaste kiss on my lips. That helped. A little. I return the kiss and place an extra on her nose.

I must be out of my mind if I even consider this right?

"James, before we even think about this, you need to call Elroy and formally challenge him. That will buy us another 24 hours to sort shit out."

He nods and gets out his phone.

Challenges are so old school. Maybe he won't even accept by phone but we can't risk going there at this point in time.

He dials Kane. We all wait impatiently . Jemma places her hand over James' hand, trying to calm his shaking hand.

Kane's voice answers over speaker.

"Hello? James? Jem? Please tell me you are ok and safely at Lunar?"

"Not exactly Kane. We have another plan."

"Oh goddess, what has she talked you into?"

Hahaha. He knows his daughter well. Jemma
rolls her eyes in response to his comment and my smug grin in her direction.

"We have decided, together, to challenge Elroy, in George's place."

The silence on the line is palpable.

"What the hell are you two on about?! No. No you cannot let her do this. Wait? She can't anyway. I love your desire to help honey but you cant, the law states..."

"We know dad, that's why James is taking my place. He will challenge Elroy for Alpha." She blurts it out fast.

Kane is silent again. We all eyeball the phone like he is going to jump through it somehow.

He speaks again calmly.

"James. Are you sure? Even if you lose, you may have to give up your place at your own pack? Unless Argos agrees to let it slide? But even if he does, the challenge is your formal decision to leave your pack."

I catch a small frown on his face as James answers. That part hurts.

"I know. But we just can't sit by and let Elroy enact his insane plan. You know all too well about his ideas of superiority."

"Yes. I do. It's worse here already. He has been gaining support. Forcing it if he has to."

There is silence again, followed by a long drawn out sigh on the phone line.

"James, are you sure?"

"No. WE are sure."

"And Argent, does he know? Does Argos know?"

I answer for myself.

"I know sir. And my father will soon, we will call him next."

"Argent are you both ok?" Kane sounds concerned.

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