Chapter 31

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Argent POV

"I'm sorry, you want to do what to my mate?"

I must have heard Jemma incorrectly because I'm sure she just came out of the bathroom and said she wants to give Aida an electric shock?!

James and I stare at the two girls in front of us. Aida looks confused and Jemma looks like a maniac on a mission.

"Explain to me what just happened in there to make you think shocking Aida is a good plan?"

She smiles a determined and evil little smile and takes a deep breath. She is about to sales pitch me.

"Well, like I explained a little to Aida, at Strand we believe in being prepared for any and all situations. One of those we trained specifically for, is uh, being forced to shift."

I look at her in absolute horror. It must be etched on my features because Aida scoots around the booth and comes to squeeze onto my lap and James takes a deep breath and assesses his crazy ass mate. Being forced to shift is an abomination. We all know it.

"Jem, hun, what exactly are you suggesting here? James approaches the subject in a gentle manner.

He is a fuck load more patient than me.

"Jemma please explain what the actual fuck you are on about? We have a few hours before my best friend challenges a psycho for a pack that isn't his own and now you want to add something else equally if not more crazy to the mix?"

She gives me a disgruntled look and continues.

"I'm trying to explain but you keep interrupting me! As I was saying, we act out different scenarios so that we are ready at all times for things that may pop up in battle. One that we always train hard on and take very seriously is being captured and tortured into shifting to or from our wolf form, because believe me, the vamps have done this before."

I see Aida sneak a look at James' face but he is still staring with a puzzled look, at Jemma.

"What? Why do we not know of this and just how does this relate to Aida?" I push her. It's fucked if that is really happening and we can deal it later if it is but it seems nuts to think about doing this to Aida

"Well, she needs to shift, this would do it? Maybe"

"Maybe?! You want to do something like this on a Maybe?"

She must be out of her crazy ass mind.

I shake my head. No way. No freaking way are we attempting something like this, that I have never heard of before, on my mate just because we would be safer having her in wolf form. Or would we? She has never shifted before. It's odd at first. All the sensations. All the extra senses. Not to mention we would be in a hostile environment.

No. No no no.

"And what if it helps?"

Her small voice speaks out over my internal rant.

"And what if it doesn't? And you get electrocuted?"

"Well I would just heal wouldn't I?" She is either extremely brave or really mentally unstable to even consider this.

"You would heal yes, but thats not the point."

She just takes the answer on board and thinks it over, a cute little frown building on her perfect face.

Jemma sits down next to James.

"James, please, tell them they are crazy for even thinking about this?" I beg him. He is the voice of reason I really need right now.

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