(20) Fire In The Sky

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       I  drove my blade through another troll, passing between it’s armor as if it were a sheet of paper, the troll was injured but I counted the seconds. One, two, three, four. . . A wave of electricity washed through the troll, it yelled and crumpled to the ground, the smell of dead meat and burned toast lingered in the air where it stood. Four seconds before Felgar’s effect activates. Having been formed accidentally when he had cast a javlar (lightning) spell on the blade of his sword, the blade had absorbed the magic, and whenever it made contact with a foe, four seconds later it would send a powerful surge of lightning through it’s foe that would either as the case was kill the opponent or severely wound it. I find this special effect quite useful.

  I would marvel at that later, I thought to myself, right now I need to focus on keeping alive. I swung my sword, the blade managed to deflecta darting arrow aimed at me. It clattered uselessly to the ground and I slashed at the archer who aimed it at me. He raised his crossbow to deflect the blow, then nocked another arrow and rolled to avoid my slice. He shot the arrow at me with lightning speed. The arrow was coming in too fast, I didn’t have time to raise my sword to deflect it or mutter a spell or enchantment to protect me. I braced myself, closing my eyes waiting for the pain to be delivered. I waited a few seconds, but it didn’t come. I risked opening my eyes.

   Aeron stood in front of me, he had his sword raised which deflected the incoming arrow, he smiled when he noticed my eyes on him. He charged the archer, and leapt into the air as he fired another arrow and missed. Aeron yelled and swung his sword in a devastating arc, fury flashed in his eyes. The powerful strike annihilated the archer. He crumpled to the ground. Dead.

   Aeron turned to me, “Cover me for a second. It’s time to bring out the little suprise.”

  I nodded, my curiosity overtook me however. I swung Felgar killing a charging ogre. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed Aeron removing a necklace. The silver chain flashed and took in the sunlight, The chain was practically unbreakable as I noticed a aura of magic coming from it. But it wasn’t the chain that got my interest. It was rather what the chain was connected to. My eyes widened as I saw the ruby connected to the necklace. The ruby was shaped as a diamond and the size of my palm. It wasn’t quite large nor wide, but I could sense an incredibly large pool of magic and enormous energy from it. The glossy surface of the ruby was the color of fire, as I stared at it I felt a wave of uneasiness.

   “Flames, come on out,” Aeron yelled and tossed the necklace into the air. The ogres and trolls lowered their weapons and stared at the glimmering necklace in curiousity. Their eyes were glued on it, as was mine. What surprised me however, was the necklace didn’t fall back down, it hovered in midair, a loud, bloodcurdling screech emitted from the necklace. All the hairs on my body stood on end and a gasp escaped my lips, my knees trembled like jelly as I could only watch.

 The ruby shone white and grew larger and larger until it was the size of an exceptionally large watermelon, then white light flickered away and it was a large ruby again. Flames licked around the ruby, the loud screech pierced the sky again and I held my hands to my ears in pain. What’s going on! Is ..  .is there some kind of creature in the ruby?

 The loud shriek filled the air again, and this time time it was more clear. I could identify it now. It sounded. .  . like some bird.

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