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All the covers in this book and on my other books are personally made by me, so you can see those examples. I will do my best to give you what you're looking for. If you decide you don't like the cover, that is fine by me. You don't have to use it.

I have some skills and techniques to make some decent covers for anyone who is interested. I am trying to practice my skill but also give back to others. Please remember that the first 12 chapters of examples are older requests so I have grown. These 12 chapters will be marked with astricks to let you know which one's I'm referring to. The next chapter of examples has been updated to my current skill.

If you are curious as to how I make my covers, I will have a section of this book for current covers I've made for my books and how I made them. I won't include actual screenshots but I will explain what I did somewhat detailed. It's just for anyone who wants to know.

The cover you choose will now be PM'ed to you through an imgur link.

1. Credit is mandatory.
2. Be patient. I have a busy life, too.
3. Please be respectful.
4. I have the right to accept or decline for any reason.
5. Any nudity or sexuality on a cover will NOT be accepted. Erotica is allowed (if and only if) the cover is not a nude woman or close to it.
6. Comment in THIS CHAPTER ONLY for a request. If the request is on any other chapter, it will be ignored.
7. I have a queue so please watch that. I will only be taking 5 during each batch.
8. Cover will be delivered after payment is completed. Expect 3-4 days wait time after payment is completed.

All I ask if for 2 comments on any one of my stories you decide, but it must be an actual story. Random books do not count.


Ideas (what kind of style you're going for, what kind of picture you want me to look for, etc):


1. evil_arrow_regal (DELIVERED)
2. FayFairyElf (DELIVERED)
3. JadeCrystalWolf22 (DELIVERED)
4. ilovepercy2 (DELIVERED)
5. Badass_Saasha (DELIVERED)

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