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As Bridget and I suntanned on the dock, we watched as Ethan and Noah messed around on the jet-skis on the lake. I sighed and turned my head over to my best friend.

"Look at them go," I smiled. She turned to face me with a grin on her face.

"They're a bunch of losers," she laughed. I laughed with her, laughing even harder as we watched Ethan flip his jet-ski over for the third time this week. "There he goes again."

"I can't believe our senior year is starting soon," I closed my eyes, taking in the warmth of the sun. "This summer has gone by so quickly."

"I know," Bridget groaned. "Any ideas for colleges?"

I sighed. "I toured a couple this summer and liked a few, but I'm not sure what I'll be majoring in. It depends on if I like the internship with Dr. Sharon. If I do, maybe pre-vet? Equine sports medicine? Equine science? What if I don't like it? Equine business management? Teaching or training? I don't know, there are so many options."

"I finally figured out what I want to do," she said, and I peeked my eyes open to look at her.

"Well, go on."

"Equine journalism," she grinned. "Perfect mixture of horses and writing. I'm so excited, I was even able to land an internship at Maple Stream's school newspaper and media center!"

"That's amazing, Bridge!" I gasped. We continued chatting about school and our future until the boys came up and joined us.

"Hey, babe," Noah said, plopping down on top of me.

"Noah!" I exclaimed. "Get off! You're soaked!"

He just laughed and shook his hair out, getting Bridget soaked as well.

"Alright, alright, alright," I laughed, trying to push Noah away. "Get off. We're going to eat soon."

At the mention of food, Noah rolled off and helped me up. I threw some shorts and a tank top on over my bathing suit and gathered my things up.

"So, what's the plan for tonight?" Noah asked as he threw his arm around my shoulder, walking back to the house with Bridget, Ethan, and I.

"Well, it's Bridget and Ethan's turn to cook, so we have some time to spare," I explained. "But we'll eat by the fire and chill out there for as long as we want."

"I've got some ideas on ways we can pass the time," Noah grinned, wrapping his arms around my waist and picking me up, earning a squeal and laughter from me.


An hour or so later, the four of us were sitting around the fire pit eating dinner.

"Anyone else have updates on their internships?" I asked, mostly directing the question towards my boyfriend.

"As a matter of fact, yes," Ethan said, taking my attention away from Noah. "I got an internship at the freshman barn assisting the manager. It'll set me up perfectly to major in equine business management."

"Nice," Noah smiled, giving him a fist bump. "I just found out about a half an hour ago that I got that internship with the events manager. I'll be planning and running the shows that go on at school."

"Yay!" I exclaimed, very excited for him. "I know how badly you wanted that."

"Yeah," he grinned.

I should explain why everyone has an internship now. Well, it's required during senior year. You can pretty much do anything, on or off campus, with or without horses, as long as you can get there and spend a few hours every morning there. It's part of our schedule, and the goal is to set us up for a major in college or a career right out of high school. That is, if you know what you want to do. Most people who don't know what they want to do end up interning in admissions, as a ranch hand, or even in landscaping and grounds management. I wasn't positive on what I wanted to major in yet, but hopefully, my internship with Dr. Sharon gave me some ideas.

The only thing I was certain about for senior year was that it was gonna be a wild ride.

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