Home sweet Home

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~Lexi's POV~
The time has finally come, I can leave the hospital, I love the city and all but I just want to get the Hell out of here. Everyone went back home Besides my mom and Jonah, no one wanted to leave and there was no convincing Jonah. Mason had a massive freak out, about leaving me. I want to go home so badly but at the same time I don't want to go back, to see what the house looks or feels like with out dad. I still can't believe he's actually gone. Everyone still thinks I'm going to have a mental break down about it, but I don't think I will. Jack and CJ are still a big problem in my mind. I can't believe they both like me. But all I know is my brothers are gonna murder them, so they can't find out about it. All my stuff is packed and Jonah took my bag while Mom held my hand. She's been like this since she first saw Me, Scared that somethings going to happen. Jonah still won't talk to her, so being with the 2 of them for days isn't helping at all. My moms heartbroken about what happen and about my dad, everyone's scared I'm gonna break down, I'm scared she's going to. We got in the hospitals shuttle, and were on the way to the airport. No one said a word and Mom just held me while Jonah's headphones were in, and his eyes were closed. I honestly wish Bree was here, she would at least talk and keep me company. Bree actually has not been herself, then again no ones been there selves. Mom still hasn't let go of me, I look at her and hug her even more, and slowly my eyes drift to sleep.

I woke up to someone shaking me. I open my eyes to see Jonah.
"Come on sis, we have to get on the plane." He said, helping me out of the car. That's the first time he's talked in hours. Once I'm out of the car I look for mom, I couldn't find her. I looked again and spotted her checking out bags in. She makes her way over to us, Jonah gives me a small smile and puts his headphones back in.
"Our flight leaves in an hour, want to get something to eat and find our gate?" She's asked us. Well Jonah wasn't even looking her way so I gave her a small smile, and nodded my head yes. We started walking, and I spotted a Dunkin' Donuts.
"Hey mom can we get Dunkin'?" I asked.
"Yes of course, how about you and Jonah go order while I find our gate?"
"Yeah of course, what do you want to eat?" I asked.
"XL hot Carmel Coffee, with a chocolate donut please, here's my card, I'll call you once I find the gate." she handed me her card, gave me a hug and went to go find the gate. I turned around and Jonah still had his headphones in, I took them out and he glared at me.
"She's went to find the gate." I told him quietly. He looked up and let out a breath.
"Finally." He said.
I went to the Dunkin' Donuts line Jonah following me. We waited for like 10 minuets, Till it was out turn. Great the employee looked around 16, and was a guy. Great. I went up to the register.
"What can I do for you today, beautiful." He winked at me and looked me up and down making me very uncomfortable might I add. Jonah glared at the guy, and moved in front of me.
"We'll take an XL Carmel coffee, one chocolate donut, one strawberry, 2 vanilla, a orange juice, and a large Coconut-Carmel ice coffee extra cream extra sugar, and Hit on my sister again and me and the rest of her 5 older brothers will beat the living shit out of you." Jonah had a hard glare on his face as he basically threw the card at the dude. Man I guess he was listening because he knew our order. And Ladies and Gentlemen this is why I haven't had a love life and at this rate probably never will. I'm pretty sure the guy peed his pants. He quickly got the food and gave it to Jonah and ran to the back of the kitchen. Jonah smirked and walked out of line, which the people behind us were also very scared.
"Can I have my food please?" I asked him, he gave me my ice coffee and strawberry donut. My phone started to ring, I checked it and it was Mom.
"Hey Mom" I said.
"Hey found the gate it's on the second level of the airport gate 25." She told me.
"Okay see you there, love you."
"Love you too." I hung up and looked at Jonah who was drinking his orange juice.
"Second level gate 25." I told him and he nodded his head and lead me to an elevator. While we were waiting I got a text.
Ree siblings:
Jonah- Guys guess what happened when we were ordering Dunkin'!
Mason- What?!!
Me- really J?😑
Bree- Spill the Tea ☕️
Amanda- is Lexi okay?
Jonah- oh she's fine but that guy cashier not so much. 😈
Landon- guy???!😡
Tristan- WTF A GUY?!!
Alex- guyyyy????!
Mason- ...
Mason- A FUCKING GUY!!!!!!!!!🤬
Jonah- relax I scared the shit out of him 😁
Mason- language 😒
Me- yeah he made me pretty uncomfortable...
Jonah- but I handled the prick and mason come on read everyone else's swears. 😞😂
Me- we gotta get on the flight see you guys soon.❤️
I looked up from my phone and punched Jonah's shoulder.
"That was such a weak punch." He started laughing really hard.
"Come on we have to go." We finally made it to where Mom was, Jonah gave her, her food and we sat in the waiting area. I was in between jonah and Mom. We waited 10 minuets, before we could board our flight. We got on the plane and we found our seats. Our seats ended up being spit up, so it was me on the window seat, then Jonah, then some random guy. Jonah wouldn't let me near the guy so that's why I got the window seat, Mom was in the seats in front of us with two other lady's. Jonah was pretty pissed off that there was a guy next to us.
"Would you please calm down J?" I whispered to him.
He just nodded his head, and put his headphones in and laid his head on my shoulder. I put my own headphones in and continued to watch friends, one of my favorite shows of all time.  The plane ride wasn't bad at all Jonah fell asleep, for some reason I couldn't. It was like my mind wouldn't let me. I tried thinking about what's going to happen when I get home. I'm going to see Samantha and Alyssa and Carson and all my siblings. For some reason I felt like I was forgetting something. I was finally able to close my eyes.

Mom POV (before leaving the hospital)
"Mrs Ree?" The doctor called me.
"We just wanted to let you know because of what happened with your daughter, there is a chance of amnesia, or severe flash backs. And if that happens don't push her to remember stuff. Also the amnesia can happen at any time, she could remember stuff then forget." The doctor said.
I froze. Amnesia??

~Lexi's POV~
I woke up to the speakers on the plane telling us we had just landed. I shook Jonah and he instantly woke up. We grabbed our bags and waited for Mason to pick us up. I was standing there looking for him, when I saw a tall guy walking our way. I ran to him and gave him the biggest hug ever.
"Hey lex." He mumbled in my hair. He kissed my head and went to grab out bags. Once we got home mom got out of the car first.
"We are taking about this cashier prick later." Mason told me and Jonah with a serious face. I mentally face palmed and wanted to murder Jonah. I climbed out of the car, before I could even go in the House Amanda came running out giving me a big hug. She held me for a good 5 minuets straight.
"Amanda she has other siblings too you know." Alex told her with an eye roll. Alex grabbed me and gave me a hug then I was literally passed around to everyone. I walked in the house and saw a welcome home banner. Samantha, Carson and Alyssa jumped out with people I didn't recognize. There were a group of guys and 2 other girls. I gave Samantha Carson and Alyssa huge hugs.
"Next time you almost leave me like that, I'll be the one to kill you man." Samantha scolded me wiping her tears. I laughed and gave her another big hug. I looked at the other people who were very happy too. My smile went to a face of confusion, why did they look so familiar. Everyone was surprised when I said these next words.
"Umm who are you guys?"

I'm so sorry for such a late update!! I'm going to be uploading a lot more and I have a lot of new ideas!❤️❤️❤️

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