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When everyone returned, Asia showed me her familiar.It was a small blue dragon. He still hugged Asia.He was really cute, but when Issei started screaming at him, dragon struck him with an electric shock!Probably something happened between them.But I'm glad Asia has a little, cute helper.

Next Day

We sat in class, me, Asia and Issei when Issei friends approach to him. They started shouting at him and talking about his a dream. They also talked about some movies. Probably obvious about what kind of films.

Asia: F/N, What films are they talking about?I would love to go to the cinema, i have never been there...

F/N:Rather, it's not movies for us, but we can go to the cinema on a weekend if you want.

I smiled at her.

Asia: Great! Thank you!

At that moment, the trio of perverts ran out of the room somewhere quickly.For sure again in order to do something perverted.So I pulled out the phone and sent a text message to Koneko.

F/N: "The trio ran somewhere in a hurry, watch out.".

Asia: What are you doing?

F/N:I inform Koneko.

Asia: About what?

F/N:Do not worry, it's not important.

At that time, we heard a heavy blow and a scream of trio.

F/N: Ithink it will be better if we go to the club room.

I laughed and went to the club with Asia.


Issei sat sore on the ground, and Asia healed him with his Sacred Gear

Issei: It hurts a lot...

F/N & Koneko: He deserved it.

Koneko looked at me, blushed and looked away.

Rias: Why did you do that?

Issei:I could not refuse my friends.

The point is that the whole trio hid in an unused locker, in a girly dressing room.Koneko of course covered them, thanks to my information and it did not end well for him.

Akeno: Ara ara... If you wanted to watch someone naked, you could have told us ...

Issei: Ehh?!

Rias:Exactly, Akeno is right.After all, have you seen me naked, right?

Issei: Yes, but...

He did not manage to finish because Koneko knocked him out with one kick. After that the whole team started to talk about their devilish matters as usual.I could actually go home, but one more thing interested me.

Asia: F/N, are we going now?

F/N: Asia, you could ask Issei today to accompany you, I have something else to do.

Asia: Ok, see you at home!

I waved to her, and when everyone left, I went to Rias and Akeno who sat at the desk and read some papers.

Rias: Hmmm? F/N? You are not going home?

F/N:No, I have one more thing.

Rias:I'm listening

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