Snuggling. (Poly!Heathers.)

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A.M: Uh, so this is before Veronica joined the group. Kay? Kaaaay-


Heather Duke, the head of the yearbook committee at Westerburg High, was on her way to her girlfriend's house, with her other girlfriend, Heather McNamara, who was the head cheerleader. Yes, they were part of the three girl clique; The Heathers™, and all three girls were in a polygamous relationship. The third girl, who was the leader of their gay clique, was sick. That's why Duke and Mac were on their way there.

And the leader of the clique, is Heather Chandler, the almighty queen of the school, who some regard as a Mythic Bitch™, but they worship her anyway. The blonde had protested that the green and yellow girls go to school, but they both refused. One thing about all three? They were all stubborn when it came to eachother.

Mac decided to break the silence with a quiet start.

"Do you think we'll be hated for missing school, as in, all three of us?" She meekly asked, as her green themed girlfriend snorted, wrapping an arm around Mac's shoulders.

"Please, they can kiss our arses! We run the school, remember?" Duke sassily stated, and Mac nodded with a small smile, "Besides, if anyone hurts you or Chan, I'll rip them to shreds!" She exclaimed - a little too happy, in Mac's opinion, but she shrugged it off.

"Yeah, I guess you're right, Dukie," The girl in yellow grinned brightly, as Duke groaned at the pet name, though she'd be lying if she said she hated it.

"Don't call me thaaat," The darker haired female whined, biting back a small smile.

The rest of the journey consisted of really bad pet names, and concern for their other girlfriend.


Who was face down in her queen size bed's pillows, groaning, and resisting the urge to gag and throw up. Yeah, Heather Chandler - The Almighty Mythic Bitch™ - was absolutely shit-faced. No makeup, or blush, or any use of Heather's brush, she wasn't beautiful, and when she isn't beautiful…

"OH, FUCK ME WITH A BLUNT CHAINSAW!" The Demon Queen™ yelled with a loud groan into her pillow. She'd tried to get her girlfriends to go to school but that didn't happen. They were on their way over, and Chandler really wished they kept up their attendance - All three girls hardly went to school as it was.

They could've been a bitch in her place, been her substitute, but no. They had to care about her. Why? She didn't know.

Then there was a knock at her front door. She groaned into her pillow again. She didn't look up until she felt the weight on the bed shift on either side. She glanced to her left, seeing Duke, then glanced to her right, and there was Mac. Without a second thought, her lap dogs (as they were known as at school), brought her downstairs, grabbing a red blanket on the way, and Mac set her up on the couch as Duke flipped on a random Disney movie, and the three snuggled together on the couch.

"Girls..," Chandler sniffled, coughing, as Mac and Duke turned their attention to her.

"Yeah?" Duke piped up, linking her arms with Chandler's under the blanket that was wrapped around the trio.

"You could've gone to school, you didn't have to do this," The red obsessed girl stated, looking at both of them. Mac giggled.

"But you're our girlfriend! Of course we need to make sure you're alright!"

"Besides, if you get to skip school, so do we," Duke chuckled, as Mac wrapped an arm around the other blonde's shoulders.


It was atleast halfway through the film, and some characters were fighting over whatever the fuck the movie was about. Chandler had fallen asleep on Mac's shoulder about half an hour ago, and Duke was close to joining.

Well, after another five minutes she did. That left Heather McNamara alone. She giggled, turning the T.V off as she snuggled into Chan's side.

What Heather Chandler's parents found, were the entire clique asleep ontop of eachother, smiling. At what? Eachother's embrace, and just being there.

Like they promised they would.


A.M: I hope you enjoyed! I find these three adorable like this, and I'm sorry it's rather short. Art and writer's block at the same time is not fun.

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