Chapter 46

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My evil smirk with a raised eyebrow remained, as I looked at the door as the handle started to turn. The door swung open and the nanny meant to sneak into the room that was dark, when she froze on the sound of two viscous low-rumbling growls. My left arm reached out and turned the bedside lamp on, my other hand remaining on my face, while I watched her eyes slowly adjust to the sight in front of her. Her eyes took me in first, laying on Drogo's bed with my eyes flaring red and my fangs descending, as an evil smile spread across my face. Her eyes then darted to the two dobermans directly in front of her, when they growled again, baring their teeth at her.

I turned my gaze down to pick at my nails while I spoke, "You know, I warned you Barbie. You're not here for Drogo, you're here to take care of Lorie. Seems you need a reminder of where you belong." As I said the word 'reminder' both dogs started snarling and I finally looked up from my nails with my red eyes. She was shaking in a mixture of fear and anger, as she looked at me and the dogs. She screamed at me, "Drogo was happy with me before you came along and screwed everything up! I knew that you just wanted him for yourself but he chose me first! I'm what he really wants, if you weren't keeping him away from me, he would have already been back with me."

I sighed and then laughed. "Oh blondie, I hate to break it to you but you were just an amusing play thing. If Drogo had really wanted you, don't you think he would have gone behind my back, to try to stay with you? He is known to sneak around to get what he wants, from time to time." "That doesn't prove anything, you bitch! Drogo loves me! Not you!" She screamed again. I sighed again and rolled my eyes. Such drama. "I don't really have time to play this little game all the time. Drogo is where he wants to be, but I'll make you a deal." I said calmly. I rose up from the bed and the dogs started snarling at her, snapping ferociously, backing her out of the room step by step, me following at a distance behind the dogs. She backed out of his room slowly and across the hall, until her back came up against her door.

The screaming nanny had drawn the attention of the brothers downstairs and I felt the subject of my discussion with the nanny walk up the stairs, to stand down the hall, taking in the scene. They had all heard her screaming his name. I smirked at her as the dogs stopped their advance, standing right in front of Drogo's door. I walked forward to stand between them as I flashed my fangs and red eyes at her. "What deal?" She asked, trying to control her shaking voice. I leaned against his door frame, with my left arm extended high on the frame, reaching down to stroke one of the snarling dobermans. "If Drogo wants you, he can come to you in your room tonight, and I wont stop him." She gasped in triumph.

I raised a finger on my right hand to let her know I wasn't finished, "But, if he doesn't come to you tonight, you will drop this, once and for all, lest I have to start making good on my warnings. Do we have a deal?" I looked at her and her eyes were flaming, as my smirking gaze traveled down the hall to where Drogo was standing, watching. Her gaze followed mine and she just noticed that Drogo was standing there. I turned my gaze back on her and she turned to me with her jaw set, all confidence. I smiled at her sweetly, before I opened her door with my magic, sending her sprawling onto her backside inside. I followed her to her door frame and whispered in a quiet threatening voice, "If I have to make good on my threat, Barbie, you can count on being my next meal. Have a good night."

I then stepped back, shut her door, and commanded the dogs to heel, before I turned and started walking down the hall. Drogo watched me advance on him, his eyes eating me up as I got closer. I perused him up and down with obvious approval, smirking at him. I walked up close and he looked down at me with a smirk of his own. I reached up and ran my fingers down his jaw, turning his face as I continued on by him, heading for the stairs. He turned to watch me walk down the stairs and whispered, "Is there a door number two, as well?" I looked over my shoulder at him with an alluring and appreciative smile. I looked him up and down again, before I whispered, "Across the hall or across the manor, you choose." I caressed his face again with my magic and turned to head down the stairs.

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