Chapter 25

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After we gave in Hannah I walked up towards Jace's room. I needed to tell him this amazing news. He will be so happy. At least I hope he will, for me. I know how much he disliked Alec for the way he was behaving with me and he did not certainly like that his little sister aka me was already over her head because of Alec.

I stood in front of Jace's room and sighed. I gathered up all the confidence that I had and knocked on the door of his bedroom and quickly after that Jace opened it. He smiled as he saw me standing.

"Hey, little sister." Jace greeted me. I gave him a small smile.

"Do you mind if I come in?" I asked. He nodded and let me inside.I sat down on his bed made him sit next to me. Looking at his face, I could see that he was worried or maybe even more than that. My brother was known to overthink a lot.

"Is everything all right?" Jace asked and I could hear the worry in his voice. I nodded to reassure him and held his hand. He looked at our hands when I grabbed them and than quickly looked at me. I could see that he was still worried.

"Yes, I just needed to speak with you about something." I said and he waited for me to speak. I think the suspense was killing him, so I sighed out and looked at him. I was terrified to tell him because I knew how he was going to react on this.

I did not even knew how to handle myself. I was a ticking bomb that could explode at anytime and wipe out an entire city with it and besides that the whole Shadowhunter thing was knew to me. I wouldn't even know how it would feel to have a parabatai.

"Alec asked me." I managed to say and I saw Jace's eyes widened. I already knew that he got the wrong impression and from his facial expression I could see that he was furious.

"To become his parabatai." I said softly and looked carefully at him. Jace clenched his jaw and pushed away my hands and stood up. I stood up and looked at him. I had never seen him angry like this and leave that alone. He was never angry at me, for the first time in forever he was actually angry at me.

"Is he out of his mind?!" Jace screamed angry at me and I flinched because of his outburst.

"Jace, I want to..." I said softly and Jace's expression on his face was unreadable. I think I kind of disappointed him with this...

"What?!" He shouted out of disbelief. I sighed and looked away from him. This is what I expected, I wasn't even surprised right now.

"Jace, I like him and I know we will never be together. If the parabatai bond is the only way to become so close than I am ready to take it." I said and Jace shook his head.

"Clary, being someone else's parabatai is no game! It's more than just your feelings! You will have the half of his heart and you would be able to sense everything what he is feeling! You guys will be connected with one another till your death! This is not because you will become closer with him! This can also tear you apart!" Jace shouted and I sighed.

"I know it. I know what I am getting myself into. I will be much stronger if I have him by my side. Besides that you have a parabatai. Izzy is your parabatai." I said. Jace let out an annoyed groan and clenched his fists.

"I know Izzy much longer than you know Alec." He said and I looked at him shocked by his response.

"So your meaning is that I don't know Alec, you or Izzy. Just because I just joined your annoying supernatural fight club and risk my life everyday." I said. Jace shook his head and I could see that he regretted his words.

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