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Hello! I'm back to give you lot of love with my book! And honestly I have nothing better to do.( •_•)
Anyways here's your update I guess and I hope you enjoy!

Peter's POV

Ned and I aren't getting any progress. We don't know what to do.

I'm pulling and my hair walking back and forth when Ned asks"Where does M/n live?"

"I don't know in a apartment."

"Stop being sarcastic I'm actually serious."

"Fine but why do need to know where he lives?"

"Because— you know what I'll just show you."

I walk over to Ned and lean on his chair looking at his computer. He types our school website and goes to it.

"What are we doing on the school website when we should be out there looking for him!"

"Ok ok just clam down jeeze....."

"I still don't understand what we're doing here."

"Stop being so impatient just wait a little."


"Okay so imma hack the school files real quick.... and done!"

"Ok so?"

"So we find his address and check security cameras around there.

I slapped my forehead and marveled at how stupid I was. Ned just sat there laughing at me while leaning back on his chair.

"Sometimes I wonder if you're even the real Peter Parker or not"

I rolled my eyes said "Just show me the footage already."

"Ok mr grouchy pants."

Ned clicked on some of the security cameras near the area and looked through almost all of them. I saw (m/n) so I said "Stop!"

"Geeze what am I, your slave?"

I rolled my eyes and clicked the key that went back a bit. I saw (m/n) running from something but when I fast forwarded it there was nothing behind him. "There's nothing there...."

"No dur Sherlock wait a second......there!"

He stopped the camera and there was nothing on it. He pointed at the edge of the camera screen and saw a red hoodie.


"Yea I'd recognize that red hoodie anywhere. I think we owe a little visit to Mr.Wilson."

"OoooooOooo I'm getting so excited! Wait maybe this could be like an actual action story or comic or something! Maybe–"

I put my finger on his mouth and said " Let's visit Hell's Kitchen.I swear–"

"Wait wait wait you've been waiting all day to say that line haven't you?"

"Yea so?"

"And you say I'm the geeky one....."


(M/n) POV


I am zero now.

They said the quicker I give in the less pain I'll have. I don't feel any pain or sorrow when I split this mans throat or when i decapitate another. Their bodies lie on the floor life less. I do however have to train 24:7 so what if I'm a machine now Its pretty cool how I could be the next terminator.

Annnnd I have powers too but they don't know about that. No one does but me. But that's beside the point right now I'm being escorted down a hallway by four guards. There are shackles on my feet only long enough to allow me to take a step there are thick handcuffs that weigh down on my arms. We pass scientists that only glance up for a second to look at me and when they do back away. Did I mention my eyes? I think I forgot to tell you about them. You see while they were doing experiments on me I mutated. I couldn't see anything in that thick fog when they sent me to train and I have opponents to kill or they'd kill me. So my vision got better but my eyes glowed blood red. It's only temporary and I can use whenever I want to it's just I wanted to get a little scare out of them since they've gotten much more out of me.

We reach the office and of course I see Richard sitting on a big chair and a evil grin on his face. He dismissed the guards with a swift hand motion. They left me with that son of a bítch. Don't be surprised when they come back in and see his áss dead.

Right and that's assuming you CAN kill him.

Stfu you irrelevant áss hoé.

Well I'm just stating FACTS.

More like shít.

You're so childish.

And you're so annoying so like I said before,




I my mind and went back to what Richard was saying. He went on about blah blah blah weapons blah blah blah blah mission blah blah blah blah no freedom. Basically the same shít that I knew he would say because you know that's what usually happens...... Well anyways by the time he finished talking I was ready to sleep. I mean I hate the dude but do I want murder him? No not really I mean I got these awesome powers out of it soooooo..... OMG u guys don't know what my powers are! Hmmmmm it's a secret for now..... After he was done with his long áss monologue I was sent back to my cell. I guess in a couple of days I'll break out of here and look for my mom. Revenge can wait but my mom can't. I don't know what they did to her but once I do all hells gonna break loose.


Little authors note at the end.... there's gonna be more cursing from now on and ask me about stuff if some of this doesn't make sense because I wrote this a long time ago so I don't know what my past self wrote just a general idea.

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