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Like I predicted, a third book has been released in the "Random Rantings Poetry" series. 

Only this time, I'm not going to be random in my thinking, but rather, more specific. Or, perhaps I should say that I'm not going to think of myself as some random person on this planet with nothing to accomplish, but rather, a more solid person with goals and dreams. I know it's not a unique thing to say, but at least, this means that I'm taking myself more seriously. Problems will come and go, but I must stand my ground. Problems are vertical, but I must stay horizontal. I can't run away just because there are problems. I tried to do that just a few weeks ago, but I realised that that wasn't going to solve all my problems. I even lied to a good friend just so things between us would come back to normal. I still haven't told them the truth and I don't think the right time for that will ever come. 

Anyway, this poetry book is a little more evolved version of the previous ones, hopefully, and a better understanding of my own abilities. Again, hopefully. There will always be times when I'll slip into my old paranoia, but I want to be more stronger now and have more control over what's happening in my life. It's about time I did it. 

With that, I leave you to read the book in peace. I hope you'll find something to take away from here, too. 

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