Chapter 12

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This chapter is dedicated to Dark_Spaces.

Xerxes' hand gripped mine tightly as Harold advanced towards us, blocking the entrance to the room we wanted to enter.

His eyes were shifty, shoulders hunched as his mouth opened and closed several times. He knew that we had seen the exchange between Sinclair and himself, and was trying to form some excuse or reason for that to have taken place.

A pissed off Xerxes shouldered past him, his hand moving to my back to push me gently in front of him and away from Harold.

“We shall speak later.” Xerxes promised him. Harold said nothing, his gaze flickering to a bare wall behind us and then to me. His shoes echoed against the floor when he walked away.

I walked into the room, choosing to sit on the carpeted floor, which only earned me a confused look from Xerxes, who sat on one of the many dark sofas. He said nothing, just watched as I gathered my thoughts, trying to push away the disappointment I felt towards Harold, knowing that he now couldn’t be trusted.

His hesitance and forced ignorance regarding those rings when I asked him about it had been obvious. I didn’t miss the fact that the persons who wore those rings hated Xerxes. Harold must somehow be associated with them and probably agreed with their ideas.

Sweet cupcakes of many flavours rested on a plate. I took one up, eating it slowly. I was still very much unnaccustomed but yet in awe of many sweet, sugary goods. There was only a handful of times in which I had ever eaten some of these delicious snacks such as cakes and chocolate, something which werewolves had ensured to make humans deprived of thirteen years ago.

“How is your neck?” Xerxes’ voice was a low rumble, instantly making me give him my full attention. My fingers tentatively danced around the skin, feeling some of the remnants of the concoction which had been placed there. The Alpha’s eyes followed my movements, darkening with a strong, hair-raising emotion.

“It doesn’t hurt.” I answered eventually, dropping my hand away and resting it onto my lap, regarding him quietly. His jaw was still tight, his head tilted as he too watched me.

“The rings which your mother and Sinclair had,” He stiffened at my words and I paused, but soon continued. “Did you recognize them? Or do you know anything about them?”

The shake of his head was slow.

“No.” He told me. Silver eyes watched as I rose from where I had rested, moving to sit closer to him on the sofa, my voice becoming a low whisper as I spoke to him, revealing my encounters with Matthew's mother and the men who had thrown rocks at the home which had been recently built. When I told him of Harold’s reactions to me trying to talk about these rings, it only infuriated Xerxes.

“He cannot be trusted, Rebecca. He knows something we don’t and clearly has no intentions of revealing whatever it is.”

“I know.”

Xerxes fingers caressed my cheek, the mark on my neck flaring at the warmth from his touch.

“Would you like to return back to the house?” He asked, his voice low with concern. I shook my head. I did not want to go back to the house or stay here either. I had promised both Alyssa and George that I would buy them some sort of gift whilst I was here and I didn’t intend on breaking that vow.

“Flynn shall stay with you.” Xerxes spoke after I told him my plan. “I have to stay, to sort out a few issues but he will escort you and Penelope to where you want to go.”

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