"Ok uh Brooke, I'll give them the basic information. Why don't the rest of you head off to class. I'm sure I can pull some strings if we run late," the other nice senior told Brooke who nodded in approval and walked calmly out the door followed by the other senior girls.

As soon as they were all out of the door she smiled warmly and approached us.

"I'm Amber Abernathy and other than Brooke I'm the only senior in the squad that is part of the 'program' as I've heard some of you call it," she winked in my direction. Amber was a pretty Asian girl with long black hair and an easy going expression.

"Brooke is the leader of the squad and the head of this program so what she says goes. We get our direct orders from Principal Wynters who created the program in the first place. From now on you live on a need to know basis. You trust no one except for the girls you see in this room, Brooke, and Principal Wynters," she looked at every single person in the room making sure they were listening.

"There are other people in this school who are also part of the program but unless you are told other wise, you talk to no one about the things that you will learn here. Am I clear?" she asked in a serious tone. We all nodded our heads.

"Good, now I am aware that all of you have had some sort of training in espionage in the past but this is the real deal. We're going to train all of you as a group. This means you have to get along and work as a team. If you can't handle this  job in  a professional manner we won't hesitate to exclude you from the program,"

"Are there any questions?" Amber asked. A girl with glossy black hair raised her hand eagerly.

"Yes Blaire?"

"Do we get any weapons?" she smiled like a chershire cat.

"I'm glad you asked. Follow me," Amber instructed and we all anxiously followed her into...the girls locker room?

She walked past all the bathroom stalls and showers until she reached the lockers. To the far right was a rustier locker, its numbers long ago faded. It looked abandoned compared to its brightly polished neighbors.

"This is the entrance to Head Quarters. Anytime Brooke or I say its time for practice you have to meet us here. Everyone at this school thinks this locker has been jammed since, well forever. But that's not true," Amber grabbed the knob of the locker entering a combination and it clicked open easily.

"Now the locker combination changes every night so make sure you always know the combo of the day," she explained.

"How are we supposed to know the combination if it changes everyday?" Tiffany asked from beside me.

"You'll understand soon," was all Amber said before walking into the locker leaving us all confused. Against my better judgement I was the first one to follow Amber inside the 'locker'.

I closed my eyes expecting to fall in darkness or even the cliché slide so I was exceptionally surprised to find a small room with Amber waiting impatiently.

"So are you guys coming in or what?"

The rest of the girls followed in with the same facial features I must have worn. Once they realized they weren't free falling in mid air they relaxed a little and turned to face Amber. As soon as she pressed the button doors closed around us and the room began to move down faster...and faster.

This was a freaking elevator, well an elevator going at an unhealthy speed anyway. The lights in the elevator were on so I could see some of the girls' faces. Some of them were screaming and clutching onto the rail while others managed to stay silent but looked queasy nonetheless. Amber was standing with her arms crossed, a boring expression plastered on her face. The whole situation made me want to laugh.

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