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Beyond the calm waves of the Pacific Ocean, which lapped around the shoreline of a great land and the tall, majestic cliffs, you can see a huge island that stands out like a single cherry on a mountain of whipped cream on a sundae. The island from afar looks like a endless rainbow full of colors and life as the trees were full of buds from spring.

This kingdom or island to be more specific was called Altheria

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This kingdom or island to be more specific was called Altheria. Now this is not your typical kingdom. It looks like any fairy tale kingdom but its not.

This kingdom was ruled with the normal king and queen, but instead of the Council or Parliament, you have
" houses." What are houses? Well, they are places you sleep in... duh! Well, not that kind of a house. This "house" is quite different. Let me explain. You know the law of the land of any kingdom is that a prince had to marry a princess but they end up not marrying one. They end up marrying what they would call a " commoner." Well, this story is different. The prince does end up marrying a princess but not the kind of princess you would think of. She was more of what you would call a noble lady.

Okay, let me back up just a little bit more. You should probably know that any girl that the Prince wants to marry has to come from one of those houses. Now, I know what you are thinking. You're thinking, " Danielle, you said that they are noble ladies, not princesses!" Well, you are half right and half wrong. You see, the  only way for the prince to get a wife was for him to find a noble lady of age from one of the houses.

Let me explain how they work. The kingdom, Altheria has about 10 houses. In each house there is a "lord" who is the supreme leader of that house, the lady which is normally his wife, then hopefully their daughters and sons then finally about 50 to 100 noble knights that were given by the king for the protection the houses. But the king would only call them back for a war.

So it was a win/win for both sides. Now what the houses did were they would basically the Royal Council of the kingdom. Now not all of the members of the board or Council were from a house but the ones with more power and money has the "better" seat.

Now do you understand how they work? Now another thing they did was when a prince was born, the king would select a house and the daughter that was closest to his age would become his wife. I know you are thinking, " An arranged marriage?!" Sadly, yes. The girl, at most cases was a baby, was promised to be married to the prince when he was of age. But the good news was that the rulers were actually wise enough to realize that you couldn't force love. So they allow them to play together when they got older, so that they hot to know each other early.

Now do you understand what the houses are for?

Well, I guess that's enough infor for now. . .

Oh, I forgot to mention! If something happened to the girl like she became sick and died from that disease, or she was accidentally or purposely killed, you would think they would move down to the next daughter in the house. Wrong! What they did was they opened it to the kingdom's houses all around the globe.  What do I mean by that? So the kingdom allows a certain rich house from all around the globe to send a noble lady to represent their house to the kingdom. Then they have a competition to see who would be the next princess for the prince.

There you go.I hope you now fully understand how the system works.
In the next chapter, I will give you the backstory of the whole book kinda the backside of the book that tells you what is going on.

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