Chapter Thirty-Eight

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Dear readers, we have made it to the last sequence of this book. It's been quite a ride since I came back to WP with the story. I've met amazing fellow writers who have helped me since Day 1, awesome readers (that includes all of you 😉) and just stumbled across hilarious accounts. My writing is, of course, still a work in progress and I wish to continue improving it. 

There are three last official chapters left and I will release them all today because it feels weird to let a time lapse bewteen those parts.  

Time to grab a snack, get comfy with a blanket and scroll away! 


I AMBLED DOWN a dimly lit corridor in the basement, my shaky breath and echoey footsteps as my only companions. The Wanderers might suspect that this was a trap. I was never alone, but the occasion was too rare to let this pass. They couldn't not try to come and get me.

Luc and his friends blocked the stairs and patrolled from afar, ready to spring into action. The basement had been a natural choice. The upper floors had windows, an inconvenience that would have been dumb to neglect. Even with me being anxious about being in this position, I knew they wouldn't let anything happen. Luc himself had been clear about it. 

Wanderers had a sense of unity. I'd witnessed how the death of their own affected them when Luc killed one. Now, the goal was to get at least one sucker inside, then trap it. It wouldn't have a choice but to call his comrades to save him, and then the hard part would be to exterminate them all. That was when I'd back off and let the mutants take control.

My palms were sweaty as my pulse pumped in my veins. Every creak startled me, and I'd twist to find that the source of the noise was a ceiling pipe. I gave off the appearance that I was distracted--or tried at least. I settled at a lone table and took out homework from my bag for the sake of credibility. I looked down at my phone. It has been fifteen nerve-wracking minutes. What if they didn't show up?

Five more minutes trickled by until the lights began flickering. I stopped writing and raised my head, my breath quickening. That prickling chill rolled down my spine, and I knew deep down they had infiltrated the school. I looked at each end of the hall, but I saw nothing yet. My fingers numbed, causing the pen in my grip to quiver. 

My phone vibrated. Once. Twice. I checked my texts, fighting against the primal urge to get up and run.

They're circling around you. Watch out.

I willed an oblivious expression and pretended to focus on my textbook, looking like I read a sentence or two, but my brain recorded nothing. It was only when a vague cry echoed from one end of the hall, then the other, that I understood that the creatures were trying to close in on me like a sandwich. I rose from my seat, fingers curling inward. My entire being screamed at me to leave. It was too late, either way.

The first Wanderer skulked in at my left, then the second appeared across from it. They seemed to be grinning, delighted at this golden opportunity--to find me unprotected.

"Hello again, sons of bitches," I said. "Missed me?"

They gunned for me at once, and when they reached a distance within ten feet or so of me, they were abruptly pulled back by a force, like a stretched elastic snapping into place. The middle-aged man and woman from the meeting, which I learned were named Jeremiah and Catherine, surrounded me. Each held a Wanderer by the throat, lifting them clean off the ground. The monsters whimpered, trying to claw at their arms.

I shuddered, unable to contain it any longer. Catherine flung her Wanderer across the room, slamming it into another table. The impact emitted a loud bang. Enraged by the turn of events, the Wanderer scrambled to its feet. Instead of charging, it released a powerful, ear-splitting screech. I brought my palms to my ears, and so did Catherine, but Jeremiah's hands were busy.

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