Chapter Ten

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"Well, this is just great." Grayson groaned. We were already 10 minutes late to class, and now my car had randomly started spluttering and jerking until it came to a dead stop in the middle of the road, which was thankfully almost empty. At least no one would be honking and cursing at us for slowing them down.

I slammed my fist on the wheel. "This is the last thing I needed."

"I'm guessing none of us know anything about fixing cars?" Isobel questioned tentatively from the backseat. Grayson and I exchanged a look.

"No, but Charlie does." I said. "What do we do? Shall we call him to come check it out or just call a mechanic?"

"Hm, he's probably in class. Oh, screw it. I'm calling him." He pulled his phone out of his pocket and dialed his number. He didn't answer the first time, but picked up immediately the second. Grayson took the phone from his ear and put it on speaker.

"Hey, man." He began.

"Why the hell are you calling me? I had to leave class! Where are you and Talia?" Was Charlie's form of greeting. I rolled my eyes.

"We broke down and we need some help." I said, letting my head fall onto the steering wheel.

So far, my day was not off to a great start. I had woken up with a giant headache, fifteen minutes later than I was supposed to because Grayson had overslept. 

Then there was no hot water for some reason, so I had to shower with ice cold water in this ice cold weather and turn into an actual ice cube. Then when I got dressed into my favorite knit sweater I found a giant mysterious stain down the front and had to change again.

Then, as if my day wasn't already off to a horrible start, when we went out to the car we found Isobel standing and waiting for us somewhat impatiently, and I was reminded of everything that happened over the weekend. 

Not that I was able to forget the way her hungry eyes scanned my face before she bent down to kiss my jawline.

But she regretted doing that, I reminded myself harshly. She probably felt like kicking herself every time she remembered. She might possibly be a lesbian, but she didn't like me like that. She made that much clear the other day.

After apologizing profusely for keeping her waiting for so long, we climbed into the car. 

Except that didn't go well either. I ended up banging my head on my way in, which made my headache strengthen a million times. Grayson laughed so hard and turned so red I was sure his face would explode.

And now this.

Charlie sighed. "Can't you call an actual professional?"

"Why would we pay when we have our very own mechanic?" Grayson replied, amused. He ran a hand through his short cropped hair and I knew he was trying to act unfazed, but was also a little stressed out.

I got distracted for a moment, realizing he must have gotten a hair cut. He always cut his dark brown hair pretty short, but this time when it grew back he must have cut the sides and left the top to grow out and had styled the front part upwards. 

It was a good look for him, and I made a mental note to compliment him on it when we weren't in the middle of a crisis.

"Fine, I'll be there. Where are you?" He asked, clearly defeated. Grayson quickly gave him our location and hung up.

"So... what do we do while we wait?" Isobel asked. We thought silently for a few beats before Grayson's eyes brightened, the crystal blue in them twinkling mischievously.

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