Woke up

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(I hate thinking up titles!)

Deku-kun, as his besty calls him was walking to school while listening to his playlist of 'Bomb-Ash' songs. He had memorized every word so he could sing along, which he did. The next song that played was one of his favorites, 'Woke Up Late' by the Drax Project.

(That's the song above btw, you can play it now!)

"Woke up late

Somewhere far away from home

Pockets empty, wallet gone

The sun is streaming all on down on my face

Layin' down on someone bed

A girl that I had hardly met

My head is spinnin' like I've been out for days

Now you're waking up too

Lying next to me in your room

Not quite used to someone so new

Did ya catch my name, yea

Wonder how long I slept in

I don't know where the hell I've been

But I know that's alright

Last night we met at one

Drank till two

Danced till four

Walked you home

Awake till dawn

Slept till noon and

Now I want more

I got that taste o-"

Just as he was about to finish the first chorus someone walked past him.

'Kaccha- shit!'

'He heard me singing randomly in the street this is so~ embarrassing!! Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit...' that was all that ran through his head the rest of the way to school.


I know this chapter is short as hell, but I haven't uploaded anything in ages. I will try to upload more, though I don't know when. Sorry~!

Lots of love xoxo,


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