Chapter 3 Paws and Claws!

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(Izuku's POV)
I had woken up wrapped in bandages on my side. I was in my bed in Dad's drawer. I remember that the Bitch was petting my fur. I got up as my side struck me with pain to stop me. Well I didn't and crawled out of the drawer carefully. I made my form become a larger version that still was wrapped in bandages. I started walking to the teacher's lounge to talk to Dad. When I got to the lounge I did as I always do and opened the door with my mouth. I walked in and looked for my Father. He was in his sleeping bag like always. I walked up to him and sat in front of his face. I knew he was awake just not actually acknowledging me. I apparently was very quiet until my Dad what and got the attention of other teachers in the room. I looked at him then shifted to my human form bandages still around my torso. "What are we doing today?" I asked not acknowledging the hero telling me to get more rest behind me. "We are getting prepared for tomorrow because it's the first day of Yueii's school year." I rolled my eyes at his response and mumbled, "Preparing my ass" I walked away but was stopped by All Might. "Young Aizawa you should get some rest." I turned around and said I was fine. I was about to walk out but noticed that bitch Endeavor. I turned around teeth bared due bristled " Don't ever touch me again when I am not awake all the way or at all for that matter!" I snarled at him venom with every word I spoke. With that I left and walked to where I protected that kid from that blond spiky boy. When I had arrived I walked to a bench when I heard someone yell, "HEY YOUR THAT BASTARD FROM YESTERDAY!" I turned to the source of the yell and instantly my fur bristled. It was the spiky blond from yesterday. He had his goons again. "What looking to bully more kids again." I asked. I then remembered that he was at the Yueii entrance exam. "Bullying isn't what heros are supposed to be doing." I added quickly as my ear twitched. That must have sparked off something in his brain. I looked as his eyes widen at the memory. "YOU ARE THE WOLF FROM THE ENTRANCE EXAM!!" He yelled back at me. "Yup I am and I have to saw for someone wanting to become a hero your not doing the right things." I snapped back through  clenched teeth. "HOW THE FUCK WOULD YOU KNOW!!!" He yelled at me. I turned away with no cares and replied, "You'll find out tomorrow." I walked away towards Yueii.

(Time Skip Brought To You By Sugar The Hamster)

(Time Skip Brought To You By Sugar The Hamster)

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(Sugar is my personal pet. She was originally bought for my birthday. I had really bad depression at the time so getting her helped. She then became my personal pet and my best friend that helps with my depression!)
I woke up to my alarm and got ready for school. I had to get up early than any other students because Dad had to be their 2 hours early. When we got to the school I walked to Dad's classroom because it was my homeroom. I had scored the best on the exam. (Wonder why) I walked in and saw a note. Dad probably wrote this last night knowing I'd be in here before him. It had name tags and a seating chart next to it. I read the note and it said,
Dear Izuku,
I didn't get to put the name tags out yet so put them out for me. After that you can do whatever you want till school starts.

Welp Dad was never one to ask. I put the name tags out and walked to Dad's desk. I shifted into my baby wolf form and laid down inside the drawer. I pushed it closed with my nose using the top to help. I snuggled into my bed and fell asleep. After my two hour nap I woke up to the door opening and heard steps. The room went quiet but the door opened again. I listen to everything that was happening in the room including the yelling blond dick. I heard Dad tell at everyone to get into there seats. I waited for Dad to tell me also and as if on cue he did. "Izuku that means you also." I started to push the drawer open as I heard people asking who. I jumped out and everyone say my form. I shifted to my human form and walked to my seat. Dad told everyone to grab a gym uniform and meet him outside with them on after he introduced himself as Mr. Aizawa. I was the first one out. Once everyone was out Dad explained what we were doing. "Bakugou what was the farthest you threw a softball in middle school?" "53 meters" (Idk how far) "Now throw it with your quirk" And so he did my Dad turned and showed us the score 703 meters. We all took turns till it was me. I grabbed the ball and just threw it with no quirks. I didn't even look how far it went when I had to duck. Dad tried to grab me with his capture item. "Don't you're gonna ruffle my fur." "Than actually try Izuku." "Fine" I said with a sigh. I grabbed a new ball and charged up One for All full cowl. I threw the ball as everyone had to grab something so they were not blown away. I looked at dad and said "Better?" "Yes" he showed the score as infinity just like the brown haired girl that was petting my fur at the entrance exam. We did the rest of the tests with me getting yelled at to try every time. Dad show the score will me at the top again. It shocked everyone. Not because the ranking but my last name.
1 Aizawa Izuku
2 Todoroki Shouto
3 Bakugou Katsuki
That was the top three. Before anyone could say anything to me I started heading back to the locker rooms. I changed back into my uniform and headed back to homeroom. I sat in my desk waiting for everyone. First in was spiky blond dick and he looked pissed. He started yelling. "YOURE THE FUCKING TEACHERS KID!! YOU........" "SHUT THE FUCK UP MY DAMN EARS" I snapped not because of what he said it was how he said it. I looked pissed as fuck and with my teeth shown and fur bristled. Dad was at the door with the other students behind him. "Don't piss Izuku off I don't want to have to deal with pissed off again." "This loud mouth reminds me of the Bitch Endeavor!" "Aizawa watch what you say!" The Iida? Kid yelled at me or at least I think it was Iida. "I can say whatever I want about him he yelled in my ears also!" "Izuku shut up and sit class is starting."

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