The Devil Speaks Tonight (Episode 4)

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The Krakze House, 1831

Henry Jefferson: C'mon, let's finish the game.

They set up the board game, the dice rolling back towards Kyphi, she attempts to outstretch her arm to grab it although is suddenly interrupted when Thomas sends a freeze ball at one of the children humans who fall on the floor, ice cold. Kyphi gets angry at this move and sends a big beast, the beast is infested with red horns that prick out of its spine and its eyes glow with a bright yellow beam. It's deathly and searing breath reaches about five goblins who burn alive in an instant, another three or four warrior goblins surrounding them fall and die from the fumes. Thomas gets angry at this move and quickly reacts with an Ice Path, making everyone's soldiers tumble and fall over each other but before Thomas can reach the dice, the dice flies into his mouth. His eyes fall grey and he hovers above the ground, the rest of the creatures and board game become frightened at this and pack themselves back into the box. As soon as Ashley and the others notice the dice didn't go back into the board, they start to freak. Henry heads towards the door and tries to unlock it, this fails. Ashley stands and stares at Thomas, in fright while Kyphi is behind her trying to find an exit to the room through an air vent. Kyphi starts freaking out and therefore closes her eyes while hovering a hand over a wall, it starts to vibrate and a hole would appear leading to the back garden of the big mansion. Henry runs towards Ashley and Kyphi and together they climb out from the basement, hearing the "beasts" from upstairs slamming and knocking down the basement door. Kyphi looks back one more time at the floating Thomas before his face goes pale and his eyes go dark, he leans closer at Kyphi and screams.

Approval House 2018, 187 years later

A ghoulish looking Chelsea sits on her bed while the living Chelsea lies spread-eagled on the floor, a blue wound on her leg and white blood spilling out. She makes eye contact with Sophie and screams in fright, ready to pounce onto Kieghan. She whips out a kitchen knife and steadies herself, as she jumps Sophie springs into action and grabs Kieghan by the arm to leap her to her feet. They turn to leave and Chelsea screams one more time, throwing her knife just above their heads. The camera leaves the room and onto Kieghan and Sophie attempting to run down the stairs to spread the news, they hear a distant window break and footsteps downstairs. 

Sophie McDonald: Should we go downstairs?

Kieghan South: No...

Sophie and Kieghan turn around to see Chelsea stepping closer to her, Sophie grabs Kieghan to the window to the left and lifts it up. The screech makes Chelsea scream and start to run, Sophie pushes Kieghan out and hops out a few seconds later just in time for Chelsea to get to the window. They both at this time reach the edge of the house and notice Kalani being dragged away unconsciously by two men dressed in full black.

Sophie McDonald: We can't trust anyone... where do we go?

Kieghan and Sophie look around to see Charles run out of the house, a specific long gun by his hand. Sophie and Kieghan freak out which causes Kieghan to fall from the roof and onto a nearby bush. Sophie jumps but uses her powers to hover before landing smoothly. 

Kieghan: What the honest fuck.

She pops out of the bush, twigs in her lion-muffled hair looking angry. Sophie manages to help her out of her bush and they both eye the gates to the Approval House to make sure the coast is clear, but as this happens they notice the same silver haired girl from the Fraternity House tiptoe in with a camera from the 90's. She takes a look towards the area the girls are crouching by as she opens the front door, shortly after they notice Llama MacCarones turning around a corner to enter into the door after her. This was their time to shine and they took it, every step they took on the splatting wet concrete was a step closer to freedom. Just in time, they make it to the big black gates that separate the real world to the magical world, they take one last look before slipping out and down the street. 

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