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Several things to note before coming in.

1: This is taking place in a more western world despite the Chinese MC because... really, it was best fit. Putting him in a Chinese style setting complicated things and I didn't feel like going that route.

2: This is technically part of my Incompetent Systems series but don't sweat it. All the tales are stand alone save for the last so it's cool.

3: I'm going to try my hand at making some action happen in this story so hopefully that works out.

4: There will be smut (meaning the sexy times in which sex happens between two men). Honestly, I didn't think I'd need to point that out but apparently, all the other kool kidz are doing the disclaimers so who am I to deviate?

5: This isn't a translation (I'm not that smart). This is my original work.  I felt I should point that out for clairities sake. If you guys want, check out the other story in this series (also my original story) called 'Making my Naive Master Love only Me' or MNMLM for short.

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