chapter two - a blind experiment

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The sunlight trickling into the dorm room through the yellow curtains awoke Lily at exactly six o'clock Saturday morning. She sat up in bed, yawning as she stretched her arms above her head, then turned to look at everyone else's beds.They were all empty, save for Dorcas Meadowes' one, and, Lily only noticed now, one of the showers in the bathroom was running. Lily slipped her feet into her fluffy bunny slippers and then quickly made up her four-poster bed before taking out some Muggle clothes and proceeding into the bathroom.

Dorcas had just finished up, and was putting on a pants when Lily entered.

"Morning Lils," she said cheerfully.

"Morning Dorc," Lily greeted, less enthusiastic. She quickly undressed and then stepped into the shower, allowing the water to wake her up before washing her hair with apple shampoo and washing her body with apple bodywash.

"That was quick," Dorcas commented when Lily emerged from the bathroom, dressed and towelling her hair dry.

"Unlike you, I don't waste water, and therefore my showers are quicker," she ducked as Dorcas threw her with a pillow, then proceeded to blowdry her hair.

When she was done (the time was now 06:45), Lily awoke the rest of the girls in the dorm, ignoring their protests for sleep.
As it was still early, no one except the Head Girl, Alice Fortesque, was awake. Alice was busy with some Prefect rosters. She looked up briefly to greet the girls before going back to her papers.

"You know," Dorcas said as they walked down the corridors to the Great Hall. "Snails have two noses."

Lily smirked. "I can beat that. Kangaroos have three vaginas."

"Really?" Dorcas smirked. "A fish has more than one-


Lily and Dorcas turned around simultaneously, surprise evident on their face.

"What?" Sirius Black asked questioningly. "Is is my hair? I'm sure I combed it this morning..."

"Your hair is, uh, fine." Dorcas said.

"It's just that you're awake so early. And your friends aren't with you." Lily said.

"And you sound different," Dorcas continued. "Your voice is lower and huskier." Lily nodded.

"Oh." Sirius said, a smirk slowly forming on his face. "Anyway, it's not like you two haven't changed." He slung an arm around both girls.

"What do you mean?" Dorcas asked, glancing at Lily.

"I mean that you two have, uh, grown in the-" He broke off, looking uncomfortable, and both Lily and Dorcas instantly knew what he meant, and they burst out laughing.

"Sirius Black," Dorcas said amusedly. Sirius stared at them weirdly, then walked away. The girls continued laughing as they rounded the corner.

"But really," Dorcas said, her laughter fading. "Did my chest really grow?"

The girls walked into the Hall just a few seconds after Sirius, smirking at him as they passed by. Lily felt someone staring at her and turned around. Surprising herself, she blushed when she noticed James Potter, one of her fellow Gryffindor classmates and tormenter for the past five years, staring at her. She felt even more surprised when James, instead of smirking and asking her out, blushed as well, with a small smile and turned to look into his porridge. This came as a shock to her. Normally, by now, he would be standing on the tables, singing songs anout their 'love'.
She was interrupted from her thoughts by a loud plonk next to her. It was a sleepy-looking Marlene Mckinnon.

"Morning," she mumbled before charging for breakfast. Lily returned the greeting and spooned a bite of cereal into her mouth.

While everyone was still eating, Proffesor Mcgonagall walked down the Gryffindor tables, handing out timetables.

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