"Caught in bed with Glizzy prank on Nahmir!"

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Ok so i know i said 45 mins but it took longer so when i got home i had forgot. Then i was watchin some movies my mama had got from the redbox. I fell asleep on them hoes and didnt wake up until 3 o clock today. So thats how that went.

Sorry for the wait!
(Oh and i wrote 8 pages)
Her bikini in mm^

Enjoy and excuse any mistakes!🧡

Oh and this is sholl what i rapped Google😂😂😂

-----------------------------------------------------------"Hey wassup yall! It's me, Jas, in this hoe and Im finna do a prank with this nigga bitch here

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"Hey wassup yall! It's me, Jas, in this hoe and Im finna do a prank with this nigga bitch here." I said inroducing myself and pointin the camera at Glizzy.

"Wassup hoes Glizzy in this bitch on my dead baby. We finna do a lil prank ya know. Im finna fake like im gettin caught in the bed with Jas. Cause what yall dont know is that Nahmir actually recently told Jasmine about his feelins towards her and she said shell get back to him or some weird shit. Buts anyways i know you saw his corny ass post about catchin feelins. Anyways what we gon do is basically turn on some porn video or moan sounds- which one?", he asked me.

"We gon do moan sounds."

"Aight so moan sounds. So im only in my boxers."

I sit the camera on the sink and push it back so that camera can catch me and Glizz full body.

Glizzy started back talkin. "So as yall can see i only got my boxer briefs on and thats it."

"And i put on a bikini and im gon put the strings down yall know so when he in here imma wrap the cover around my body like Jaliyah, Funnymike girlfriend. Anyways i got a camera set up in HIS bedroom already. What probably make him even more mad is that we're technically guests because we dont live here doin THIS shit in HIS bed. If this was real life that shit would be triflin. Even though i wouldnt do that to my Nick because i love him so much and i talk so much so lets start!"

At that moment ... I knew ... I fucked up. (And that I had feelins for Nick.)

After playin the moan sounds and waiting it out until Nick was home we heard the front door open and got to business. As the sounds played we got into position and started makin shit shake(literally), making sure our clothes were how we wanted them.


I guess he heard it cause as loud as he busted in the door I felt like i had been busted for kidnappin.

"Yo WHAT THE FUCK?!?!", he said tryin to snatch the cover until i got to them faster and wrapped them around me.

"You jokin right! Lord please tell me this lil girl jokin, she love her life right, because she got cover wrapped around her like she naked, ion see no bra strap, this nigga then probably whipped his dick out his draws. Deep breathe! Why the fuck it look like yall been fuckin in my fuckin bedroom, yall DONT live here, you my mans and my brother and you my bestfriend and something else, and yall BOTH know how i feel."

We just stayed quiet to make it worse, as i gave Glizzy, who was across the room from me the look to tell him to follow along, "Come on im not with all that quiet shit cause yall know how i get. I am not tryna put a fuckin wall today. I got enough knuckle scars over you.", he said pointin at me.

"Uhhhhh we was j-j-just playin mom and dad.", i said probably pushin him to his peak. I saw him ball and clench his fist even harder.

"Yeah cause we was like what you wanna do and we both decided to play mom and dad until the kid, you, walked in and saw his parents fuckin. Except you didnt react by runnin away.", Glizzy added almost makin me bust out laughin.

Nick ran up to Glizzy so i ran, almost fallin over the cover, in between him and Glizz pushin (or tryin to) him back. He pushed me down on the bed really hard (like i flew or some shit) as he ran to Glizzy again.

I did the same thing again except this time he pushed me on the bed and pinned me down.

"Stop tryin me Jasmine DAMN! I was really tryin not to hit anything or anybody but that didnt work out! Im heated as fuck so stop that good guy shit! You both know how i feel about you and then yall go and do skme triflin ass shit like this in MY bedroom, in MY bed, where I sleep, where WE first had sex together, by the way the FIRST girl to make it to my bed cause if she wasnt YOU, id fuck her ass on the floor ion care, in MY house! What sense does that make, DICK!?"

I was about to say something until he cut me off.

"You know what both of yall put yall shit on and get the fuck out!", he said as he went into the bathroom and almost slammed the door off its hinges.

Damn that was deep as shit. Im bout to cry. I went to get the camera when i heard a yell, "WHY THE FUCK YALL STILL IN MY HOUSE GET THE FUCK OUT LIKE I SAID! THE FUCK YALL STILL HERE FOR!?!"

I got the camera and went to the bathroom but the door was locked. "Cmon Nick open the door please.", he just ignored us.

"Aye man i left my shirt in there."

"Dude why would he op-"

"He said gst our shit and leave right? Logic!", we whisper yelled to each other. I heard a click but when i opened the door Nick was no where to be found. Glizzy looked behind the shower curtain and there Nick was with his face red as hell and he looked like he was on the verge of punchin the wall and cryin angry tears but he tried his best to restrain hisself.

"Nick look up it was a prank.", i said as i fixed my bikini and dropped the cover. "Get that camera out my face."

"Cmon dude it was a prank. I played moan sounds and we got into this and planned the shit. You really think wed do some fuck shit like this?", Glizzy asked.

"Yeah ill even show you the footage after you finally get out that tub, look at me, stop bein mad, give me the biggest hug ever, and love me again.", i added.

He sighed, got up, and said, "End the video right fuckin now so we can talk."

Nope Nick i love you so fuckin much and you should know i would never do this to you, Alright?"

"Alright alright."

"Now gimme a hug ugly ass lil boy." We hugged and he dapped Glizzy up.

"Smile Nick i know you want to.", Glizzy joked. I laughed and suprisingly so did Nick.

"Anyways this is the end! We love yall! I will handle Nick or Nahmir so dont worry and we'll post whenever the fuck we want! Peace!"


Bout time he admitted his feelins so now its her turn

He look sexy while mad

Oof now i wanna see his knuckles

Mom and dad😂🤭💀

This nigga was finna cry

So nobody gon talk about the fact he said they had sex??
-we figured that already
-Dang he sholl did say that right dammnnnn
-holy fuck.

Damn Nahmir so fuckin cliche😂


Mom and dad until the kid walks in😂 glizzy stupid asf😂

"She love her life right"😂

Oof that bikini thooooo

Glizzy got me hot with those boxer briefs on whew

Whew chile!



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