Aviana Cullen

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Ever been in a toxic relationship? Well I am. And no matter what, I couldn't break up with him. He would say he's sorry and he wouldn't do it again. Lie number one, but like an idiot I fell for it.

"Are you ready?" Dad asked.

"Yes, senior year, woo-hoo." I sighed.

"It will be okay, princess." He smiled.

"Hope so. Where's mom and Mason?" I asked.

"Your mom had an important shooting, and Mason had an early class."

"Ah, oh well. Off to school I go, daddy'o." I grinned.

"Yeah, let's stick to dad " he said making me laugh.

"Bye dad, love you." I kissed his cheek then left.


Once I arrived I made my way to my locker and soon I was met by my best friend.

"I missed you." Michelle said.

"I missed you too, even though we saw yesterday." I chuckled.

"Shh, no ruining my moment." Gotta love her.

"Alright, have your moment." I said before closing my locker door.

Best friends since diapers, she belongs to Mike and Gabi. she's like the sister I never had. And she also happens to be my brother's girlfriend. They're just two years apart.

He studies in the city with Lacy, she's Michelle's big sister.

"Aww, look it's loser one and two." Queen bee, Nelly said.

"Oh look, it's twatwhore one and two." I said while pointing at her and her minion.

"Hey babe." Justin said while wrapping his arms around my waist.

"Hey." I said.

"Don't get in my way." Nelly said before walking away.

"Ooh, so scared shaking in my leather boots." I rolled my eyes, Michelle just laughed.

"I missed those lips." He said before pulling me into a kiss.

"How about if we go have a little fun?" He asked.

"I'm out, see you in class, Avi." She said before leaving.

"Can't, got classes." I said before walking, but he grabbed my arm really hard.

"Justin, you're hurting me."

"Well, I wouldn't have to if you would just cooperate." He said tightening his grip.

"Okay fine. Just let go." I said as a few tears started to fall.

"Good girl, come on." He said while grabbing my hand and led us to his car, then drove to a secluded place.

From there it got rough, and not in a fun loving and caring way. It was just rough sex, no emotions. every time  after sex I would cry.

"I promise I won't let my anger get the best of me." He said while caressing my face.

"You've promised that so many times, but you never keep it. And like a fool I fall for it." I sobbed.

"Please, I promise I won't. I love you babe." He pulled me into a kiss. I didn't say it back, I had no love left for him. But I was scared to break up with him.

"One more chance, Justin. I'm getting tired of covering for you." I wiped my tears.

"I promise." He smiled, I just nodded.

He took me to school again. My arm was getting purple, good thing I had a sweater.

I was on time for the next class.

"Avi, you need to break up with him. You think I don't know he hurts you." She whispered.

"I don't know what you're talking about " I said and she just sighed.

Lunch time came and we were in our table just talking and laughing, then Justin came and sat next to me. Michelle hates him with a passion.

"I'm not hungry anymore, excuse me." She said while getting up and left.

"What's her problem?" He asked.

"She's on her period." I said.

"Ah, well she better chill." He said before going back to his food.

After school I went home, and was met by mom.

"Hey mom, how did the shooting go?"

"It went great  but now I'm so hungry." She said before calling the pizza place, she ordered a big pizza, some hot wings, then called grandmas place for some cookies and cupcakes.

I couldn't help but laugh, mom pregnant makes her have all these cravings, like eating stuff she don't usually eat. She's six months pregnant.

"Can't wait to meet you and pinch your cheeks." I rubbed her belly, she just cried. Mom is very emotional right now.

Minutes later, my brother arrived.

"Finally home, is there food I'm starving." He said before giving mom a kiss on her cheek and rubbed her belly. She cried again. We just chuckled.

"I just ordered pizza and hot wings." She said.

"Awesome, great choice mom." He said before going to the couch to watch TV.

I joined him, I laid my head on his shoulder and watch TV. I love my big brother. He always protects me from the big guys. He has a short temper when it comes to bullies.

"I love you big bro."

"I love you more, munchkin." He said making me chuckled.

Mom joined us and sat in the middle of us. We laid our heads on her shoulders. Family is everything to us.

To be continued..

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