She turned her head to see a very amused Ahmad looking at her.

He was definitely not making things any better for her.

"Hey look at me, relax. Ok? Everything will be fine In Sha Allah." He said giving her a reassuring smile, which she nodded to, but what he said didn't have any impact on her situation.

They got in the jet and it took off.

The jet was the definition of aljannan duniya (paradise on earth).

She would have been busy checking it out but all the enthusiasm was gone because of how anxious she was. She turned to anti Hauwa and Fauziyah who were busy whispering to each other. She was sure they were also keeping their cool. "Salamualikum ma'am welcome aboard this is the menu" a lady that looked like she was in her thirties said to her as she kept the menu in front of her. All she could manage to do was smile at her. She was feeling so suffocated, she thought the sweat pores of her palms were broken because it was literally raining in her palms. She could be dehydrated from that much sweat she thought.

She turned over to where Amna was and she was sleeping while Nafisa was busying with her phone and Yusra was reading the paper.

"I want to show you something" Ahmad said. She didn't notice when he sat opposite her. She nodded her head and followed him as he led the way. She wished she could call her mother or better still see herself at home. "Have you ever pilot a plane" he was trying to get her mind off things, he was sure his family would love her if not then they would eventually come around. Just like he did. She shook her head replying no, she looked around the cockpit admiring it, it was her first time being inside a cockpit. It was starting to get dark and the view was breathtaking. She could see lights scattered looking so little from there, like the Milky Way. The one thing she really loved about planes were the views.

"Where are the pilots" she asked her eyes looked as though they were coming off their sockets when she realized there where no pilots. "They went out to stretch their legs for a bit" he came closer and put the headset on her head. She stood there and you'd think her eyes couldn't get any bigger

"Stretch their legs for a bit?" her voice was laced with fright.

"Just relax and sit down, enjoy the view. Today is your lucky day" he strapped himself on the pilots sit "am giving you a free piloting lesson" he gave her a smirk.

"Have you ever done this before"? She asked a bit relaxed

"Give a pretty lady a piloting lesson? Nop" he shook his head popping the P "I promised myself the only pretty lady I would give a piloting lesson to is my wife" he finished feeling smug. He could tense her uneasiness.

"No I mean- have you ever flown a plane before" she asked ignoring his cheesy remarks.

"I have seen the procedure enough times to know how to" he could see how her expression changed, she look at him as if he had gone mad.

He chuckled a bit "just kidding, relax" and she obliged. She sat there as he showed her which button did what and so the lesson began.

"Who thought you how to fly"

"Khalid's father. When we were kids all Khalid and I wanted to do was be pilots. So his father tutored us until it was time for college and we bailed on him" he said the last past with a short laugh.

" I can't imagine how he felt" she chuckled

"I think he was heart broken but he hid it quite well" they talk more and he gave her more tutoring before the pilots took over for landing.

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