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Jack came over to Isabels house the next day, which was a Saturday. He had decided they would go get ice cream before she had to be punished again. She was wearing a cute white dress that buttoned down the front and was made of a shear fabric over a slip.
    "You look nice," jack said, sitting down on her bed.
    "Not bad yourself," she replied, sitting down on his lap and wrapping her legs around his waist. She draped her arms around his neck and pulled him in close. He grabbed her waist and did the same. They kissed passionately.
     Jack treated for ice cream, and they had fun laughing in the sun together. Then they drove back to his house.
     "I have some new supprizes, just in case you can't keep your legs open," jack whispered in her ear as they walked up the stairs. Isabel was getting more nervous by the second. They got to his floor and he sat down on the couch. This time she lay on her back with her butt resting on his lap and her legs spread. He hiked up her dress and pulled off her panties. He placed them on the coffee table. He placed his hand between her legs and she gasped. He looked her in the eyes and she nodded. he turned back to her open legs, lifted his hand, and brought it back down. She half yelped, half moaned, and her legs snapped shut.
"Uh oh," he said, smirking as he pulled her legs apart. She moaned as he rubbed between her legs. Suddenly, he hit her again, but gentler this time, and while her legs moved inward, she managed to keep them open.
"Good girl"
She moaned again. He hit her, harder again, and she cried out, thankful his parents were never home.
"Oh god, oh my god," she gasped, and he laughed and bent down to give her a kiss. Then he moved his left hand from its position under her back and began massaging her breasts with it. She moaned and he began hitting her again, alternating between the hard and gentle slaps. By the time he finished, she had closed her legs six times.
"What are you gonna do?" she asked quietly, not looking him in the eye.
" bend over the armrest," he said, and she did so. He admired her ass, which was round and plump, and still quite red from yesterday.
She was nervous, was he going to spank her again? She didn't want to be spanked on her still sore bottom, but she resolved to allow him whatever he wanted to do, because it always felt incredible, despite the pain. Then she felt some thing cool and hard go between her ass cheeks. She felt his left hand push her cheeks farther apart as his other hand inserted the object. She felt it pop into place. A butt plug.
"Shit!" She gasped, and he laughed, sliding her dress back down over her ass. It was uncomfortable, and rubbed her when she tried to move.
" you can keep that in an hour for every time you closed your legs"
"Six hours? You have to be kidding!"
"Ooh complaining, I don't like that." he spread her legs and inserted something into her pussy. He grabbed her panties and pulled them back onto her.
"What did you— oh" she moaned as the thing in her pussy began to vibrate. She saw a remote in his hands.
"Each time you cum, you have to take off an item of clothing and give it to me," they sat on the couch together, and she played with his hair while they watched tv. Occasionally he would mess with the setting of the vibrator, and she came within 5 minutes. She handed him a sock. This was repeated within the next five minutes. At this point she was just clutching to him, barely able to think.
"Kiss me," she said desperately pulling him around so that he faced her.
"As you wish," he said and leaned down, forcing her head down to the arm rest. He kicked his feet up on the couch so that he was lying on top of her, her legs still wrapped around his waist. He could feel the wetness of her panties as they pressed into him where his sweatshirt had ridden up. He kissed her, passionately, hands wrapped around the sides of her chest so that he could dig his thumbs into her breasts. She came.he undid her belt and threw it to the floor.he squeezed her breasts. She moaned into his lips. She tugged on his hair and tried desperately to keep from cumming but it was too much. Without separating from her he began unbuttoning her dress. He pulled it off her arms and out from under her. It too was on the floor now. He finally pulled away and looked down at her. She was in just her bra and underwear, her hair was spread out on the arm rest, and she was helpless. He grabbed the remote and turned it all the way up. Her back arched and she came. He didn't turn it down. Before he could even reach for her bra, she came again. He turned it down half way and stripped her, pulling the vibrator out as well. He left her there, naked and exhausted, and she quickly fell asleep.
He let her sleep for two hours, before waking her up.
"We're gonna make a cake," he said as she sat up, confused. "Nope." He stepped on her clothes when she went to pick them up.
They both walked over to the open kitchen that was on his floor. He gestured to the recipe and ingredients. They talked and laughed as they mixed ingredients. She held out the rubber spatula for him to lick but before he could she wiped the cake batter across her bare chest. He shrugged and began to lick and suck at her breasts until all the cake batter was gone.
"That was very naughty," he said smirking. "I think I ought to punish you,"
"Oh yeah? What are you gonna do?"
"Elbows on the counter" she obeyed, and he grabbed a clean spatula. He hit her hard and rapidly, not counting the strokes.
"Sorry!" She finally cried out, and he put the spatula down and rubbed her ass. After a minute, though, he picked up a large wooden spoon and began hitting her again. Some times it would hit the butt plug, causing it to rub inside her. He soaked her fifty times with the spoon, and then allowed her to stand up. She sobbed into him, her ass on fire. When the cake was done they went into his room and lay on the bed. After a couple of minutes she removed herself from his arm. He sat up but she pushed him back down. She lay across him, her ass poking up slightly.
"Rub it," she pleaded. He obliged, rubbing, squeezing and tapping it. She moaned in pleasure. After an hour of that, she called her mother to say that she wouldn't be home tonight. Her mother didn't care.

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