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Rye-"I'm just going to find the toilet."

I got up and went to find it. As I walked I bumped into a girl. She had brown to blonde hair and green eyes. She was gorgeous.

Soph-"Sorry." She awkwardly smiled.

Rye-"Oh no it's ok." "I'm Ryan but call me Rye."

"I'm Sophia but everyone calls me Soph."

Sophia. Soph. Wow.

"Um well I should probably go to the toilet." She laughed.

"Would you like my number?"

"Hmm...I don't know. You're a strange boy who I met near the toilets in Starbucks...but ok!"


She laughed and we swapped numbers.

After I was done I sat back down at the table I was at with the boys.

"So what took you so long?" Andy asked me.

"Oh no reason." I answered taking a sip of my drink.

"Well you don't take ages for no reason." Mikey said.

"Don't worry." I said.

They brushed it off and we carried on with our day.

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