Touches Of Heaven (HauntingAngel) (Wk5)

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Touches Of Heaven

Telephone calls from old friends - Smiling faces on both ends

Oh yes, the memories were great - A kiss on my very first date

Umbrella in a storm to dread - In a stranger's hand over my head

Choir of angels, Christmas day - Chicken soup, no need to pay

Hands to lift when you are down - Hot cocoa, love all around

Expect nothing in return - Love's not something that you earn

Sleepy heads on overtime - Here's a blanket for the meantime

Out of the darkness, into the light - Soup for an orphan, a kiss goodnight

Frozen grapes in the summer heat - Food when you don't deserve to eat

Hyacinths and marigolds - Bless those lovely hearts of gold

Everywhere they walk, they go - Each one an unsung hero

A gift with no strings attached - God's grace can't be outmatched

Very precious, priceless indeed - When we help each other in need

Encourage someone, do a good deed - Spread the love, plant the seed

New springs bloom for a tomorrow - For a time with much less sorrow

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