Chapter 14

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"Damn So You Only Eighteen?" Reese Asked .

"Yeah, Is That A Problem? How Old Are You?" I Questioned, Making A Face .


"Boy, You Asked That Like You Way Older Than Me . You Only A Couple Of Years Older Than I Am" I Said, As He Let Out A Dry Laugh .

"Oh No, I Wasn't Asking It Like That . I Meant Like Damn, You Only Eighteen And You Forreal Been Through A lot.. I Feel For You" He Said, As I Begin To Look Down, With This Saddened Face .

I Told Him About Everything That Happened With John And I, And Mama . I Honestly Feel Like I Don't Have Anybody Else To Talk To About The Way I'm Feeling, And I'm Tired Of Holding It In .

"Don't Be" I Said, Smirking .

"I Can't Help It.. I Know We Just Met But I Forreal Want Better For You, I Would Like To Be The One That Shows You Better"


"And Not Even Relationship Wise, But As A Friend . You Already Said You Just Got Out Of A Situation, And You Not Really Ready For Another Relationship And I Respect That"

"Reese, You Really Don't Have To Do This . You Don't Have To Worry About Me, I Promise I'ma Be Fine"

"No, I Wanna Do This . I Wanna Be There For You, And I Wanna Show You Better"

I Just Sat There, Looking Down . Him Saying This Makes Me Feel Good, Really Good, But At The Same Time I'm Questioning To Myself, Are You Just Saying This? Or Are You Forreal Wanting To Show Me Better?

We Sat At The Restaurant For Another Hour, And Talked, Getting To Know More About Eachother .

"So.. Bitch How Was It?" Christa Asked, Smiling, As I Walked Through The Front Door .

"It Was Nice" I Said, Plopping Down On The Couch, Across From Her .

"Where Did Y'all Go?"

"Olive Garden"

"Ooo, I Love Me Some Olive Garden . Y'all Should've Took Me" She Said, Causing Me To Let Out A Dry Laugh .

"Girl, No"

"So Are Y'all Like Together? Talking? Or?-"

"Friends.. Were Just Friends"

"Well Damn Are You Not Feeling Him?"

"We Just Met Christa, Damn"

"Ok, But Are You At Least Feeling Him, Is The Question" She Asked, As I Begin To Smirk, Looking Away From Her .

"Yeah, A Little Bit"

"Well What You Waiting On?"

"I Don't Wanna Rush Into Things, And I'm Not"

"Oh, I Feel You"

"Yeah, But I'ma Just Go With The Flow, And See What Happens"

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