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"Please talk your shit now, you're in my face" I laughed but Melo pulls me back into his arms

"Melo let me go I'm about to beat this bitch ass, I told her it was on sight as soon as I see her. PERIOD!" I just laughed like a madman

"Yeah Melo let her go she's not going to do shit! She's a little bitch!"

I turned around to Melo and just said: "I'm not fighting about you, I'm fighting because she's calling me out of my name and acting like I won't knock her head off her shoulders."

He just simply lets me go

I started walking up to Ashy and yelled "Talk your shit now I'm right here. Call me a bitch now."

"You're a bitch," she said as she kind backed back

"Melo, can I hit her now?" I yell fuming

"Yeah," he said unapologetically

"Bet" as I moved closer and hit her in her jaw and I just saw red

I feel myself being picked up and being told to stop

"Jay!" Melo yells as he picks me up

"Jay!" Melo yells as he picks me up

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