Chapter Twenty-one

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"Wake up!" I heard a voice saying.

"Ten minutes, please!" I asked nicely turning the other side.

"If I had a minute, I would have given it to you," the voice said and I sighed and opening my eyes a little.

"I am sorry, Malik! I didn't mean to sleep," I whispered as soon as I realized that I slept on his shoulder. The last thing I remember was fighting with him and then I sat down and cried.

"It's Roman. I am bored of that name coming out of your lips," he said and my eyes turned to sad ones. I sighed and nodded anyway. I had to energy to fight and I knew quite well how useless it was. He knew that also but he was pushing my buttons. When I think about it, I realize that he has always been doing that.

"I'm sorry for fighting earlier," I apologized feeling bad. Whenever his hurt eyes would cross my mind, I would feel worse.

"What's done is done," he coldly said.

"I'm sorry," I repeated again.

"We'll see how sorry you are later. Now we are going somewhere," he said keeping his monotone.

"Where?!" I asked allowing the subject to be dropped as I knew that I could do nothing about it.

"You don't need to know. Weather you like it or not, you have to trust me and no one else. I don't care about what you have to say to that so keep your words for yourself. I don't need you to say anything that you know would piss me off more," he stated coldly.

I nodded taking in his words trying my best to take none personally but I so couldn't. I knew he was mad at me. But I knew I also deserved to be mad. He was lying to me. I sighed and then said, "I trust you, Roman! You saved me there and I do owe you a lot."

"Good that you know," he said.

"I'm sorry! Roman, you know I have the right to be mad. You lied to me. I lived in pain for my whole life," I said. He paid me no attention and I sighed knowing where this was going.

He started walking and I walked behind him. He had two bags in hand so I expected and prayed that one was for me. Knowing Roman, it most likely was but after what I said I can never be sure. I wouldn't blame him, what I said wasn't that easy. He was hurt because of me. But then again he deserved it, he hurt me first. Ugh! Why did all of that happen to me?!

I hit some kind of stupid wall while following Roman and that made me curse under my breath. I looked up and found Roman's back. I rolled my eyes knowing that I probably got too lost in my thoughts. He looked at me checking that I was fine but did nothing other than that.

Did what I do wrong?! I mean I loved him and then I thought he was dead, I got hurt but at least now he is back. I should take him in my arms instead of making problems with him. But then again if I don't show how I feel, he will find it easy to repeat it again. Plus, he did something bad and he deserves to be punished for it.

"Brianna!" he called and I shake my head and continued following still deep in thoughts. I have been mean to him enough, should I give him a chance?! A chance for us to go back to normal. Will that be right?! I do believe that it will be right. But then again it's too risky.

What is risky in that?! He may be in love with me just like old times and what I am doing is spoiling it all. But, it could all be just a game for him. He probably hates me and that is why he has been doing that to me.

Moments later, I found myself in a car sitting next to Roman. I found myself examining his face, his body and his features. I found myself observing the way he sits and stands. I would lie if I said I found nothing in common. All his properties were almost the same.

"Roman?!" I whispered. He looked at me with emotions in his eyes for the first time which did not actually last.

"I'm sorry. I was too annoying and mean. I was in shock and I didn't know how to feel. I loved you, Roman and then I thought you died. I was crying a lot for you. But then I realized that you're still alive. I was happy but then I felt betrayed. Please, Roman! Please! I'm actually begging you. For any emotion that you once had for me, explain to me! I still love you. I have to admit that I am still confused but please help me lessen that confusion. This is all I ask of you to do," I begged crying. I couldn't hold it back.

"I'll explain everything, when we reach our destination. All you have to know for now, is that I am the only one who'd protect you, so obey me and stay under my radar," he ordered and I nodded. His tone wasn't monotone so I felt pretty much more comfortable.

I nodded and then asked, "When will we be there?!"

"After two hours," I replied answering.

"Can I sleep till then?! My body is pretty tired and exhausted," I asked politely. He nodded and I thanked him and sat in a comfortable position for me to sleep. Minutes passed and I was still trying to find a comfortable spot for me. However, I found none. All until, I felt my head resting on a someone's body. I looked up and so Roman. I smiled sweetly as I felt comfortable. My eyes immediately shutting down.

I knew nothing about what was waiting for me but I was too exhausted to care about anything but the person I was sleeping on. What secrets did he have more?! What are you still hiding from me, Roman?!

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