Chapter 12 - Mixed Feelings

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"Hello Master." Bella whispers nervously bowing slightly at the Man.

"Master?" Ricciardo asks amused looking between the Italian and the German

"She says is to show her respect, such a lovable little girl, isn't she?"

"Isn't she lovely?" Ricciardo replies sipping his drink. "Too lovely." he whispers sucking his lower lip, his amusing brown eyes daring to steal a steady glance at the Italian.

"Oh I have a little something for you too my friend." Hulkenberg says slapping his back brotherly.

"Curiosity will eat my balls bro, what is it?" he asks getting up to grab the bottle of wine hanging above the counter in the living room, Bella' eyes following every movement the Australian made.

"Come here darling." Hulkenberg whistles when a tall, long legged blonde walks into the living room, her body only covered in shorts shorts, a crop top and the incredible high heels, but they weren't enough to reach Ricciardo's height. The blonde looked stunning in her dark Grey make up mixed with a metallic gold. Her blue eyes were probably the most beautiful part, making her eyes pop.

"Hello beautiful." Hulkenberg winks side smiling at the stunning lady by his side. "This is Giada, a treat for my friend." he kissed her cheek as Ricciardo walks back to the room holding the now full cup of whiskey, his perfume reaching Bella' nostrils.

The Italian looks disgusted as Ricciardo bends a little bit to kiss the back of woman's hand

" Hello beautiful thing." he compliments her smiling. "Hello Master." she replies blushing. "Call me Daniel, honey." he winks handing her his cup of whiskey so she could take a sip.

Bella takes a long sip of her drink, feeling lumps in her throats Everytime she tries to swallow the dryness away from her. Her eyes fuzillating the taller blond by Ricciardo's side.

" You two know each other?" Hulkenberg asks.

"No, never seen her." Bella replies dryly when the blonde shots her a weird fake smile. "No Master we never meet." she looks between the two, her eyes scanning Hulkenberg longer than required. Bella scans the German by her side drawing closer to him laying her hand above his tights.

"Another glass, my beautiful?" Bella' eyebrows raise, a side smile contagious as Hulkenberg asks directly to her. "Yes please." she nods looking up at the German who blows her a wink before getting up to get her another drink.
Bella sighs deeply avoiding eye contact with the two people in front of her, her eyes scanning every little detail of the room except their faces.

"So..." he starts yet Bella still ignores him. "Does Minttu knows that you're here?" her eyebrows raise when her eyes widen. Bella looks up at him, finding his curious intense confusing eyes already looking at her.


" Also about Ricciardo, please don't go! "

" Is Riccardo going to be there? "

" No she doesn't! " her voice sounds shaky than normal. Bella knew that for some reason Minttu didn't want her to go there and she did mention Ricciardo. She regretted deep down for not knowing what was going on with her boss and friend and now with this guy. He was a confusing weirdo that's true.

"Are you sure about that, love?" not only his intense eyes but also his voice changed into a drastically darker tone, while his eyes look directly into hers, with no need to search for those brownie brown orbs. The way Ricciardo always looked at Bella gave the sensation that he could read her thoughts and he knew when she was lying or when she wasn't. She only nods back slowly avoiding to look nervous.

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