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"How did you find the nursery?" Sky asks me in the kitchen the following evening. Sky made some cupcakes today so she suggested we'd have some girl-to-girl time whilst nibbling on the delicious cupcakes. I couldn't argue with that.

I take a sip of the warm cup of tea. Back at home, I would always have a cup of tea before bed. "It was lovely, the children are adorable."

Sky grins. "I know! They are so cute. I love visiting it."

She stares off into the distance, reminiscing in a memory. My thoughts drift to what the mothers were saying earlier - more specifically, the person they were talking about. I'm a very curious person who loves a mystery. Hence why I love reading crime novels. But the main reason is that I want to know why Zara hates me.

She seemed to despise me so much - why?

"Sky. . .I have to ask you something. It's to do with something I overheard." Sky immediately snaps back into reality at my hesitancy. She edges closer on her chair.

"What did you hear, Quinn?" She questions.

I swallow and reiterate what I heard. "The mothers said the reason Zara hates me is to do with someone called Vic. . .that's all I heard from the name. The person saying it was cut off. Who is this person they are talking about? And how does it relate to Zara?"

Sky's blue eyes widen in shock. She freezes and gazes at me in disbelief. I notice a slither of fear in her eyes. Her reaction is not what I expected and only proves my theory that whatever the secret is, it's serious. The question is: will Sky tell me or will she brush it off?

"Sky?" I call out to her and gently place my hand on her exposed arm. This bounces her out of the whatever she was and back to me.

"Oh," she blinks and jerks back. I nearly jump at her sudden movement and watch her with weary eyes. "Sorry, I was just. . ." she sends me a sympathetic smile. "Nevermind. Zara is someone who doesn't like change. You don't have to worry about her, she'll come around eventually."

My eyes narrow suspiciously. I don't buy her excuse, not one bit.

"And Vic?" I question, annoyance laced in my tone.

Sky pinches her lips together. She seems caught off guard by all of my questions. "Just some pack members name - a friend of Zara's. I don't know why it was brought up."

There is more. I can sense it and she knows I know. She knows I won't back down. Maybe I will tonight but not forever. Maybe I'll try asking Kaiden or Raphael. Hell, I'll even ask Harper.

"Thank you, Sky," I send her a grateful smile. I'll let it go for tonight. "I'm going to head upstairs now."

Sky frowns. "Are you sure?"

I nod my head. "Positive." And then I add: "hanging out with the children has tired me out."

Sky understands me. I can tell because she leans back in her seat and smiles. Relief flashes in her eyes that I let it go. "Alright, I'll see you tomorrow Quinn."

"Yep." And then I leave the room, heading up to my bedroom to think things over. 


The next few days passed with a blur. I was begining to form a schedule, unknowingly. Most of my time is spent at the nursery with the children. Zara tends to ignore me but the mothers have made it their mission to become well acquainted with me. Not that I don't want them to be. 

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