Chapter 43

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The preppy blonde cheerleader was fuming at me. I heard her mind as she was about to pour the other drink down my front, so I reached out and took it from her faster than she could track. "Aww, Sam, don't spill Loan's drink. He wouldn't like that. Should I carry it to him instead, since you can't seem to keep it in it's glass?" I said all this with a sweet tone, flashing her innocent look, like I was trying to help. "Accidents happen. Maybe you should go clean yourself off in the restroom? I'll deliver this," I said in that same tone, turning to walk the drink over to Loan. Samantha was fuming and decided to follow me. Perfect.

Her attempts to trip me were pathetic and I easily avoided them, as I sauntered over to where Loan was. I walked up to him and he looked up at me with surprise. I gave him a friendly smile, with just a hint of fire in my eyes as I bent over, giving him a good view, as I handed him the drink saying, "Samantha had a little accident carrying the drinks and needed to go clean herself off, so I offered to bring this to you." He looked me up and down, lingering on my cleavage for a moment, before he took the drink. I leaned in close to his ear and said, "Get a better waittress next time." Sam took the bait and pulled on my arm, yanking me back from Loan, turning me to her.

"You did that on purpose!" "Brought him his drink after you spilt the other one, yes, how observant of you, Sam. I must say you have a gift for the obvious." Some laughter from the others around us made her go pink but then settled her resolve to get me back. "You bumped into me spilling the drink on purpose, so you could bring him the other one! You're just jealous he's here with me and not you this time." I gave her a patronizing smile but then I leaned in close and whispered so no one else could hear, "You forget pompom queen, I've had him alone when he was pulling down my panties, making me gasp."

She gasped in shock, leaning away from me, before she turned red with anger. She scowled in hatred and let out a screech, bringing up her hand to slap me. "You whore!" she screamed, as her hand sailed through the air. I let her get the slap in before I returned the favor, drawing the eyes of most of the patrons in the bar at Samantha's high-pitched scream of rage. Her claws went for my eyes as she threw herself at me. I caught her wrists and leaned away from her, so she would put even more of her strength into trying to reach me. Once she was applying enough strength to not be able to catch herself, I turned to the side and let her go. She went flying across the open space, crashing onto the small coffee table that was covered in drinks, landing on the floor looking up at me.

She really was a mess now and she came at me again, but Loan stepped in her way, his ego sufficiently stroked. "That's enough, Sam! Geeze, you'd better go get cleaned up or better yet go home and change, you're a mess." I snorted and then turned and walked across the bar to join the others on the dance floor, like nothing had even happened. I caught sight of Samantha arguing with Loan, gesturing toward me in anger. I turned and continued dancing as she started walking out of the bar. I knew it was only a few seconds before Loan would come to me. I felt his hands on my hips, pull me back against his frame, as he bent over close to my ear.

"I thought you weren't interested anymore? You shot me down hard last time I came over to say hi." I leaned back against him, bringing an arm up to stroke his neck. I turned my mouth toward his ear saying, "You freaking left me in a haunted house, Loan. You deserved it and you know it." "This mean you forgive me, then?" "Not yet, but I'm willing to let you try to make it up to me." His hold tightened on me so I moved against him, driving him crazy. He was a bit more breathy as he asked, "And how do I do that?" "Go out with me tomorrow night and we'll see where it goes from there? You did promise me a private party at one point." I felt his heart rate go up a little at my words.

We danced for a couple of dances like this, not talking, me driving him crazy. I turned around in his hands at last, to flash him an alluring smile, as I ate him up with my eyes. His eyes were like blue flames sunk into a predatory smirk. I pressed myself against him more, as we moved to the music and he didn't hesitate to hold me tighter against him as well. We were dancing so close that our faces were almost touching, our breath mixing. I leaned forward ever so slightly to brush my lips against his, still looking into his eyes. I then smiled and stayed close, still looking at him like he was the most desirable man in the world. Too bad he wasn't even close, but what he didn't know wouldn't hurt him.

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