Chapter 19

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Callisto Point of View

"We could have had the f**king Demyan on his knees begging for his girl's life if you would've not left her." Valdimir gritted out taking a full swig of whiskey in one gulp.

I took a small sip of whiskey from my glass and narrowed my eyes at him. Valdimir gulped frantically avoiding looking into my eyes. This man is getting out of control and should remember who is above in the food chain.

"You think you can get away with touching that girl?" I snorted and took another swig of my drink.

Valdimir is a cunning lad and very sly fox that can back-stab even his kin for his benefit. All I'm bearing with his nuisance is just because he is stepping stone for my success.

"Don Mancini, we can do anything if we have that girl in our surrender. Demyan Petrov will bend to our will if he sees his girlfriend withering in pain." I laughed out loud when I heard the words - withering in pain - from him.

Damn it, Valdimir! You don't know what kind of creature his girlfriend is!

"You think I was warning you from Demyan Petrov when I said you wouldn't get away from touching her?" I chuckled at him to which he gave me a pointed look, raising an eyebrow in further explanation.

"Go kidnap her yourself and see what a person she is. I rather go ahead and put a bullet into Demyan's chest then go anywhere near that girl." I was already irritated thanks to that girl and now I am asked for reasons by nobody like Valdimir.

It's just a matter of time. The moment I achieve what I needed, I will just eliminate him from the face of this Earth.

F**king useless!


Zinnia Point of View

"And then I slapped him. He looked so scared at that moment that his eyes went wide and red immediately and his teeth gritted in fear. I felt a little guilt for slapping him but he was trying to take away your innocence; you tell me what would I do?" I can compromise with anything but not at the cost of Mr. Monk's identity.

When I pledged to protect him, I did it from the very bottom cell of my heart.

Sometimes, I feel so sad that Mr. Monk is too much dependent on me. What will happen to him without me?

I looked at Mr. Monk who was irked for the reason I don't know yet and was sighing continuously from the past four days asking me to narrate my kidnap story over and over.

Poor man must have gotten heart attack when he didn't find me.

"I don't understand how you slapped a person who has a sharp knife on your neck." He shook his head grimly and pulled out the magazine from the table.

Oh Mr. Monk, hand is sharper than knife. Knife has no life it only does what a hand which was holding it implies to.

I looked out of the window of the plane and was again mesmerized by the white clouds dashing beside. The land was far down but the miniature view of the land was so beautiful that made me smile like a fool.

"Where are we going?" I asked for the nth time but Mr. Monk is maintaining a secret about our destination.

Well, Mr. Monk, wherever we go your final destination is me and my final destination is you.

Oh no, not final destination. The people in that movie die slowly.

Mr. Monk is my ultimate stop and I am his ultimate stop. Umm... this sounds good and poetic.

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