Part 14

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Khushi woke up a bit lazily on the next day. She was about to scream when she saw Arnav sitting beside her. He pressed his palm on her lips to stop her from screaming aloud.

"What the hell are you doing here at this hour? " she asked him angrily. It was still 7 am.

"You sleep so much" he commented, "Wake up , you have a lot of work to do. " He said, giving the bed coffee to her. She took the coffee with shivering hands. That was quite weird.

Daal mein kuch kaala hai Khushi, Laad Governor khud hume bed coffee de rahe hai!!

"I thought you were too tired yesterday, so I bought this" he said.

Still I find something fishy

"What am I supposed to do? " She asked.

"Not much , compared to your potential. You just have to select the best mehendi cones, select flowers for decoration, help my family in shopping, arrange the sweets and food and arrange for the music and dance. "

"That's it? " She asked sarcastically. He thinks it's too less work for her.

"And you will be doing all this with ME" She immediately spat the coffee.

"No need! I am your wedding planner, I can do all this by myself" She said.

Aapko sehne se zyada mushkil kaam aur kuch nahi hoga !!!! She whispered.

"What the! How could you say that Khushi? " he said. Her eyes widened. She was surprised that he heard that.

"My ears are proper Khushi. This is my wedding, and everything should happen according to my wish. Be ready in fifteen minutes, you don't have much time. "

"Okay Laad Governor ji " she said gritting her teeth.

"I prefer Arnav" he said, before walking towards the door.

"Hum bata bhi nahi sakte ki aapko kya kya bulane ka mann kar raha hai (I can't even say what and all I wish to call you)" she murmured , aiming the empty cup towards him. Thankfully he had left the room. One whole day with him was again a punishment for her. He has become very difficult to handle nowadays.


"Khushi ji " Khushi stopped on her way when she heard Anjali.

"Yes Di"

"I am going to the temple, would you like to accompany me? " Anjali asked.

It's the best way to escape from Laad Governor!

"Yeah sure Di " Khushi said.

Anjali didn't know why, but she felt her head spinning. Khushi caught her by her shoulders.

"Di are you OK? Should I call the doctor? " She asked and made her sit on the sofa.

"No Khushi ji I am fine, let's go"Anjali said pressing her forehead.

"You are not going anywhere, you take rest"

"No Khushiji, I have to give this offering to Devi maiyya. It's very important, it's for Chote" Anjali said.

"Di you aren't going anywhere, I will give this offering. You stay here. I will leave you till the room. Come "

Anjali couldn't argue more. Khushi dropped her till her room. Anjali lied down on the bed. Khushi went with the pooja thal .


"Rani Sahiba, you wanted to go to the temple isn't it? " Shyam asked coming out of the washroom.

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