•You Are My Everything•

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For her he was her world.

For him she was his everything.

From his young age till now she was his only friend. She was his solace, his only love and his everything.

"Manik I told you not to involve in fights." Nandini said, applying the ointment on his forehead wound. She constantly blew air on the wound while applying the ointment.
"Manik you are my everything. If something happens to you I won't be able to live."

"Even without me you have to live for the sake of me. So don't say such things. And don't worry I won't be leaving you so easily " Manik assured.

"If you aren't there then my existence is worthless." She said as she caressed his hair lightly and he just stared at her.

"But the most tragic part is that I can't even ask you to leave this job but no matter what I am proud of you Mr. Detective." She said as she pecked his wound.

He was a detective and it was his job to suspect people and detect the truth amidst all the lies. In this process a lot of time he got into fights and got severely wounded too but nothing mattered to him as long as the mystery was solved.

He smiled and pulled her in his lap. "I love you."

"I love you too." She confessed, hugging him tightly.

She was his shining star in the dark night. She was the angel who saw the good inside him. She saw the scars that he hid and felt the pain that he felt.

In the middle of the dark night, "Nooo." he screamed and woke up, hyperventilating. His forehead was covered with sweat and he was getting paranoid every single second with just the thought of losing her.

His mum abandoned him when he was small. His dad never acknowledged his presence, eventually leading him to be rude and arrogant. All the people that he loved left him and he was scared that one day she would leave him too.

Right then he was pulled into a warm embrace and her soothing voice hit his ears. "Manik until my last breath I am not going to leave you." She said it softly, patting his head.

"Till the stars shine and till the fireflies glow MaNan is forever." She rubbed his back and held him tighter.

With every second he registered her presence and he calmed down. His breath became normal and he found the sound of her heartbeat soothing and musical.

Listening to her heartbeat he fell asleep and with teary eyes she kept on staring at him for long hours, patting his head continuously.

She loved him and he loved her. But their story wasn't this simple.

"What should I do?" Nandini cried. "I like you so so much that I don't want to let go off you but I can't even stay with you."

A knot formed in her chest, then in her throat, as she let her tears flow. "This disease will kill me bit by bit but I don't want to die. I want to stay with you." Nandini cried harder.

She didn't know that he would mean so much to her. She didn't want to push him to the same darkness that she had pulled him out from but she didn't even want him to mourn after her death. She was helpless.

"If I die someday can you promise me something?" Nandini asked, her gaze fix to the stars. Manik couldn't comprehend why all of a sudden this thing popped in her head. He had never imagined a life without her.

He pulled her closer and held her tighter. The feeling of losing her was enough to make him shiver.
"Don't say such things Nandini." He looked at her and kissed her hair

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