Chapter 6

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Victor moaned as he regained consciousness, the room around came into focus and he got out of the rubble. He felt a cut on his head, it stung slightly but there wasn't any blood to his surprise. Looking around he saw a limp form lying on the ground, her hand had blood on it and she looked pale.

            "Nyx!" He ran over to her and checked for a pulse, there was one... faint but there. "Nyx... can you hear me? Wake up."

            There wasn't any movement and Victor saw blood near the top of her head, Reed wouldn't be happy, of course he could care less how Richards felt. At that exact moment Nyx's brother decided to run into the control room.

            "Victor it's Ben h-" Reed cut off when he saw Nyx. "Is she...?"

            "No. Your sister is alive. Get the others we're going back." Victor turned to face him.


            Reed ran out of the room and Victor picked up Nyx, she was so light in his arms... if he hadn't checked her pulse he'd think she was just a corpse. The others looked up as he approached and Sue's cold gaze softened when she saw Nyx's condition. Victor knew the breakup was hard for her; she didn't want to show Reed her feelings because of how hesitant he was, nothing would go on, but despite her anger at Nyx for becoming his girl they were still friends.

            "Get the ship ready. I'll fly." Victor told them.

            Sue and Reed ran off while Johnny stayed with Ben, who also appeared to be unconscious. Victor laid Nyx next to him and left to get their equipment ready and put back on the ship. When he came back Johnny was wrapping a bandage around Nyx's head, blood still soaked through it slightly but Victor was positive it would stop before they got back.


            Pain and darkness... that was all Nyx could comprehend. All she remembered was the cosmic storm heading towards the space station and being flung into the wall as the storm got closer. She heard voices talking but couldn't quite make them out as she started to regain consciousness, the pain worsened and the dull throb in her skull became more of a pounding. In all honesty she felt as if someone was hitting her in the head with a hammer.

            The nurse looked up from her medical sheet as Nyx's eyes fluttered open, she looked around disoriented for a moment before focusing on the nurse.

            "Where am I?" She rasped.

            "Von Doom Compound Hospital." The nurse replied.

            "Kind of a mouthful." Nyx muttered. "How did I get here? Where are the others, are they okay?"

            "Victor brought everyone back here after the storm hit. As for the others they're fine and in their own rooms."

            "Can I go see them?"

            "No, we don't know what the radiation did to you so we had to put everyone exposed to the radiation under quarantine."

            The nurse left and Nyx got out of the bed to explore the room, as soon as she stood up though she could feel something wasn't right. Running over to the bathroom mirror she saw black and gold wings sticking through slits in the back of the hospital robe. Is this what she meant by 'affected by the radiation'.

            She spun around slowly and looked at the wings in amazement, then a thought occurred to her, how was she going to hide them? After all most people don't have giant angel wings in their back. A knock sounded at the door and Nyx quickly grabbed a longer jacket from a pack of clothing that had been left for her to change into, after making sure it hid her wings she ran over to the door.

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