Not Like That

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Kara take one final look in the mirror before she run her hands down her dress, straightening the fabric.

The plan is simple. Find Lena, tell her the truth and then let her wife decide what happen next.

Don't get her wrong.

Kara love Lena so much. Man, she fell in love with the brunette at first sight... But she don't want to force Lena to stay in this marriage. Lena is her equal, she have the same rights as Kara in this marriage.

When she is confident enough with her look, the blonde woman start making her way out of the room.

There is a million things in her head right now.

How will her wife react after knowing the person she married to is a girl? Will she be fine with it? Or will she be mad at her for lying? Technically, it was Winn who lied to her but still...

Kara sigh.

As she walk pass the long gallery, the blonde start to realize how empty the gallery felt like. She doesn't get it. She spend plenty of money for all the paintings in gallery.

It was not supposed to felt empty.

"Good morning, Kara. "

The two guards that was guarding the entrance of the long gallery greeted her. She smile sincerely at them.

Most of the elderly workers like Ms Smith and high positions workers like Winn knew about her secret identity. The two guards at the gallery entrance are part of the elderly workers.

Kara trust them well enough to entrusted them with the heavy responsibility to make sure her secret identity remind as secret.

The blonde woman finally catch a glimpse of the brunette she was looking for.

Lena is looking at the flowers in the garden with a pair of sorrowful eyes.

Kara suddenly felt her heart clenched.

Why...?  She wonder.

As if she knew the blonde was there, Lena turn her face to the lady she thought was her husband's mistress. Her face turn into one solid empty expression. It was emotionless.

"What are you doing here?  You want to rub it on my face how I was unable to tame my husband?"

The brunette sneered. Kara almost shiver in fear at how cold her wife sounded. She gulp.

"Lena, I'm not his mistress. "

That caught Lena's attention.

"So who are you?" asked Lena.

Kara took a deep breath before pinching the bridge of her nose. Guess this is where everything will end.

"I am... "

She confidently said as she look in Lena's eyes...

And that's when everything stop.

"You are...?"

Lena tried to urge the blonde to complete her words.

Stop that.

Kara whisper to in her heart. Her eyes are still locked to the curious green orbs in front of her.

The blonde can't stop but drowning in the eyes of her beloved.

Don't look at me like that.

"I am his twin sister."

What was she thinking?  Unfortunately, the blonde wasn't thinking at all.

Surprised can be seen in Lena's eyes.

"The Phantom have a twin sister? "

Kara smile forcefully at her wife as she nod.

Oh no... It was not supposed to be like this.

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