Chapter 10

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It felt good waking up next to Bellamy. I hadn't slept that well in ages. For the first time since being on the ground, I actually felt warm. Comfortable. Though I had spent the last couple of nights in Bellamy's tent, all busy with our sexscapades, I still felt butterflies every morning, when I would wake up next to him.
"Good morning," Bellamy said in a deep, hoarse voice, whilst nuzzling my neck. I smiled at the sensation, turning around to face him.
"Good morning," I said, looking him in his eyes. I closed my eyes again, ready to go back to sleep. Just as I was beginning to fall back to sleep, Bellamy flipped me over, so I laid on my back. Then he started kissing my neck, instantly finding that sweet spot he had mutilated last night. I moaned quietly, before smiling.
"What are you doing?" I asked. He went from my neck to my lips. He smiled into the kiss, looking at me like a puppy in love.
"I'm enjoying whatever time we've got left," he said.
"What the hell is that supposed to mean?" I said, a bit angrily. So this was just a fling to him? This time, I flipped us over, so I was straddling him, ready to strike, did he say something I didn't like.
"We don't know when the grounders attack and when they do, we surely won't have time to stay like this. And if we both survive, who knows what would happen?" Bellamy said, clearly not capable of seeing things my way. I quickly got off of him, before going for my clothes, still laying on the ground after last night.
"Well, I'm glad you could use me as a distraction," I said angrily, pulling up my pants. I wouldn't like to admit it, but that hurt like hell. To think he was just using me. What a douche. Bellamy sat up sighing deeply, grabbing my arm, making me sit down in his bed.
"That's not what I meant. Look, I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings..." he tried.
"You didn't. Now let me go. I'm sure you won't miss me, since you probably have a backup girl just ten feet away from your tent, ready for you to fuck, oh great king," I said, cutting him off, ripping my arm out of his grip. I couldn't believe it. I had truly begun feeling something for him and this was how he returned my feelings. I quickly put on my boots, not bothering to put on my shirt, only grabbing it as I quickly exited his tent. I couldn't believe it. He made me feel as if I was some sort of whore. Like I was just a commercial break from the real world. Well, he could go float himself. I was so angry, I didn't even notice the stares coming from the rest of the camp, due to my chest only being covered by a bra. A bra a cup-size too small if I might add. Not that I would care anyway. I quickly entered my tent and threw on a shirt, still pissed beyond measure.

Just as I thought my day couldn't get any worse, I heard Jaha's voice coming from outside my tent, giving the same old speech he gave every year. Damnit. It was Unity Day. The worst day of the whole year. The only good thing about it was that on Unity Day, it was socially accepted to get absolutely wasted, not to mention high. I exited my tent, feeling nostalgic. This might be the last Unity Day speech I got to hear.
"Dear friends, this is a historic Unity Day. Every year, we mark the day our ancestors of the twelve stations was joined to make the Ark. But this is the last time we do this while aboard her. Next year... on the ground," Jaha said, as clapping started filling the background on the screen set up so that we could watch the speech.
"Right. After we did all the work. Someone shut him up," Miller said, stating the truth. We had in truth done all the work, and now, the rest of the Ark would come down and do what they always did. Take control over this place, whilst having little to no regards to the people they might trample over in doing so.
"You shut up, Miller. No one' forcing you to watch," Raven responded, sounding more like Clarke with her goody two-shoes attitude.
"For 97 years, we have..." Jaha continued. Done with the speech, I walked towards the nearest tree, resting against it, watching over the camp. It was quite peaceful at the moment. Something I never thought possible.

"Wooooooo, yeah," someone disrupted my standing against the tree. Not that I minded. It was Jasper, making his way towards all the kids in camp, holding a barrel of something in his hands. Moonshine. What else?
"Monty strikes again," he yelled as if he was a salesman trying to get people to buy his homemade bracelets. "Call this batch Unity juice. Who's thirsty?" The whole camp hurried to Jasper, all dying to just get wasted, to forget about the grounders for even just a minute. Everyone were abandoning whatever they were doing. Even guards, who were supposed to watch out for grounders. If they attacked right now, we would all be dead.
I watched the screen, unable to hear what was going on. It looked so peaceful. So full of memories. That was until it all the whole screen blacked out. I shoot up from where I was standing, hurrying to the screen. What the hell just happened? Worry shot through me. I told myself not to care, but I couldn't help but think about my father. We would surely have been there. As well as my grandmother. Were they okay? I needed to know.

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